Tom included in yet another poll about the Twilight “Alec” character

Tom Felton has been included in another poll regarding the Twilight character “Alec.” This time, Entertainment Weekly online has included Tom in a listing of twenty various actors who might fit the part.

Currently, Tom is in second place with 14% of the vote! High School Musical’s Lucas Grabeel is in first place.

Even if you don’t like Twilight, let’s try to get Tom into the number one spot in the poll!

Click here to vote for Tom!

Source: Harry Potter’s Page

23 thoughts on “Tom included in yet another poll about the Twilight “Alec” character

  1. Tom should have been cast in the first place he would make one sexy vamp esspecially if they let him be natural. Good luck Tom. Hope to see your acrilics.

  2. I help run one of the largest Twilight groups on Yahoo and I’ve forwarded the link to them and asked them to vote for Tom! Let’s hope everyone does. It’s over 1000 members. 🙂

  3. i just feel like its something that tom’s done before.. he’s done horror, he’s done fantasy he’s done sci-fi(ish?)
    ijust feel like he should do something different.. so that he is challeneged and can get some experience with other types of characters and genres

    the only reason why i would want him in the movie is that…his character coems out in italy..and im going to be in italy when new moon is being shot in italy so then i can meet him xD
    but honestly that is the only reason

    • All right, I casted my vote, although I’m agreeing with Joychoi, regarding the fact he should pass to something different, truly gaining more experience by meeting up challenges.

      My other reason is I don’t want to assist to a Buffy’s Spike tansfert either (Spike was played by James Masters, which for the show had his former brown hair colored in…blond). That wouldn’t be very healthy, nor very wise, don’t you think?

      I won’t be around for the rest of day, I must go see a doctor to fix my spasms, and I think I’ll be too tired, after that. I’ll read the remaining Twitters of Tom for today tomorrow morning, then.

      Have a nice day, everyone!

      With Love,


  4. yes your right brianna tom is first at the moment with a score of 22%! while lucas is on 14% *crosses fingers* i just hope tom wins this poll

  5. I’ve seen pictures of Dakota Fanning (Jane) and I really don’t think they could pass as twins…

    But this is the movies, so they probaly will change it to siblings.

    I really want Tom to get this role, it would bring my two fav actors into the same movie: Tom Felton and Taylor Launter.

  6. Young people with blackberries is just wrong and for those who are over 40 and have an iPhone….that’s worse!lol

    I bought my mum an iPod and she didn’t realize you can recharge the battery!she gave it to the charity shop as a dead iPod,bless her x

    In fact, my ecuadorian sister friend is perceiving Apple’s iPods and the such as being gadgets, and is considering getting a Blackberry some day (just like Jade?! 😆 ), although both she and I are more Nokia.

    About Jade having hiccups, it could be most likely coming from a nerveous reaction due to some stress of some kind, especially if it an unvoiced one. That would be my guess.

    On the other hand, you made me laugh, and I prefer when you’re making me laugh than making me sad, Tom. It’s OK if you don’t understand now, you’ll understand later…

    With Love,


  7. Bad photo,terrific night,with thanks to Zoe(my lovely publicist)!gnighty all xxx

    It looks like indeed you really got some fun on this picture, Tom. But I found out that Jade was having a bit of a tensed smile, compared to the one you’re having, after trying to fix the picture with Photoshop to see it in details better…

    With Love,


  8. Tom’s first in the running now. Actually, more than half up off the next guy. Good job ^-^ Hope to see him actually in it. 🙂

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