New photos of Tom Felton at Bentley party

As you already know from Tom’s Twitter, he went to a party last night at the Bentley.

Here are some photos of him taken by professional photographers. If you find more (and there are more, so go find them and send them to us! LOL), please e-mail them to

And of course you’ve already seen the picture from his Twitter:

Who is that lovely brunette?!

18 thoughts on “New photos of Tom Felton at Bentley party

  1. What crazy end of the week 😆 !!

    More seriously, when I had looked at the new professional pictures of him, it’s as if the barrier between fiction and reality had lessen even more, in the matter of few weeks, ever since I had began to post here. What I mean is, he couldn’t get any similar to Anthony’s description I’ve gotten into the chapter 2 of the latest’s story, that I’ve written about three months ago, already.

    Could it be a sign?
    Only God knows…

    With Love,


  2. Love the Hair, love the guy. Who is he!
    Only joking who else could it be but Tom,
    You can tell by his face Jade is the girl of his dreams.
    What a cute couple,
    Love you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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