Song titles! Tom Felton’s new album, “Tom Felton – In Good Hands”: Track One

Track One of the new album will be (surprise!) “If You Could be Anywhere.” We’ve already heard some of the content, so this one should be easy: What do you think the song is about? Post below and tell us your answer! When the music finally comes out, we’ll review your answers and see who is closest. 🙂 We’ll post a new song title every day – there are six in total.

I will post a new song in a minute, so don’t be disappointed that you knew this one already. 😉

3 thoughts on “Song titles! Tom Felton’s new album, “Tom Felton – In Good Hands”: Track One

  1. Hum…From what I’ve perceived so far from my listening from Tom’s past songs, he’s dreaming of a better life, anywhere save where he is right now, as long as it is with someone who’s caring about him as he’s caring about this person in return. It says a lot. He hates being surrounded by darkness and its illusions, a thing I understand all too well…I’ve been there before…

    With Love,


  2. i bet its about traveling and going everywhere together and how something like he’ll always be there for her nomatter where she goes. 😉

  3. hi! i personally love the song “If you could be anywhere” my dad is from england and i have been there like a million gazillion times. i am moving there this summer also so i kinda can get a pretty good cockney accent tho i am american.but all in all i just LURV the song! 😀

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