Song titles! Tom Felton’s new album, “Tom Felton – In Good Hands”: Track Two

Track Two of the new album will be “We Belong.”

What do you think the song is about? Post below and tell us your answer! When the music finally comes out, we’ll review your answers and see who is closest. 🙂 We’ll post a new song title every day – there are six in total.

14 thoughts on “Song titles! Tom Felton’s new album, “Tom Felton – In Good Hands”: Track Two

  1. I’m kinda hoping for a sadder song. Most of Tom’s music so far makes me grin like someone that’s gone slightly insane, so I’d really love a tear-jerker to contradict that.

    …I doubt it’ll be this song, though. We’ll see!

  2. hmmm the title doesn’t say much but it may be “we belong one to each other”….or we belong ‘here’ like a place….

  3. I´m sure it is not this, but I would like it: a song about the injured stunt double. Tom recognizes what can happen in life and want to find out where or what he belongs to. 😳
    Could also be the theme of the third song ❓

  4. I can’t really give a guess that hasn’t been heard yet. Togetherness would about sum it up, of him and the love of his life. 😉

    I can’t wait to hear it – I totally have Pat Benatar’s “We Belong” stuck in my head now. It needs to be replaced!

  5. We Belong?!!?

    It’s got to be about of him and his go together so well-like they were just for each other.
    Like even our hands fit together perfectly.
    You and me are supposed to be.
    You’re the other half of me.

    What the song might be like (in my p.o.v):
    Can’t stand to be away from you…it just sounds wrong
    You give me strenght to carry on…you make me strong

    Went into song writter mode there.. 😐

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