Song titles! Tom Felton’s new album, “Tom Felton – In Good Hands”: Track Three

Technically it is a new day, so I’ll go ahead an post another song. 😉

Track Three of the new album will be “When Angels Come.”

What do you think the song is about? Post below and tell us your answer! When the music finally comes out, we’ll review your answers and see who is closest. 🙂 We’ll post a new song title every day – there are six in total.

12 thoughts on “Song titles! Tom Felton’s new album, “Tom Felton – In Good Hands”: Track Three

  1. 🙄 defitnely about when love comes around and we see that person we’re in love with, as an angel. just like the way we feel listening to Tom.

  2. “If I could be anywhere, where would I be?”. I really don’t know, maybe because I don’t belong to anyone or anywhere, my soul is free, which in part is sad because it’s always good to have a place to return and find some comfort. x_x
    +_+ It’s a very pretty song, expresses the peace that you find at the place you belong, that peace and love that is encouraging to your soul and makes you feel that you are not alone in the world. A shoulder on which you can support, your support, your port, your world, your everything. @.@
    Well this is what I understand, a thousand apologies if I misinterpreted things. ^^

  3. i think it talks about, u know ,someone who comes to your life and from that day all things change and become better…that ‘s rare…the person who comes may be the one who we are in love with or just a friend….

  4. Yes, Angels come in many ways and forms. They can be a friend, or someone close of us (which is the rarest). For example, my Tenshi (Angel in Japanese) is as you’ve guessed japanese-born, and even though it’s been years since we’ve met, I’m faithful to the oath he got me made then: to never be sad again, or else, if I was getting sad, he’d be sad as well, no matter the distances, no matter where we are on the globe. Even if he isphysically absent, his spiritual presence is always close to me. I know I don’t walk alone. Wy it wouldn’t be the same for Tom?

    With Love,


  5. I hate to say this but I think this could be a sad song about what it would be like to go from this world to the next and what he thinks it would feel like bit like the film Ghost. If so hankies out girls.

  6. If it’s not about the love of his life, then I would guess it’s a song about helping others. Just random helping of people on the street or elsewhere; people you don’t know. I guess it will have a slow beat, too.

  7. This could either be a sad song-like about dying=when to angels come

    Or his personal angel (his girl)

    When angels come (da-da-da-da)
    *higher* When angels come (da-da-da-da)
    When angels comes
    I feel the sun
    Then my angel came to me, shes smiling wide-It makes me happy
    It makes me happy when my angel is next to me

    N.e.way. That mini-song is kinda crap and embarresing.

  8. I think it’s about someone who significantly helps you out in times of great despair.I just heard about David and I feel terrible. A wheelchair really limits your mobility and you can’t really go anywhere with all the stairs. I hope his angels come to help him through this.

  9. it could be about just some one special in his life, friend or family that helped him thru hard times and they are special to him and his “angels”

  10. 💡 i think that its going to be a song a bout finding peace and love. it would make scence, “when angels come,” “angels” as in the good and “come” as in it has entered/found its way into his life. 💡 🙂

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