15 thoughts on “Another new promotional image of Draco from HBP

  1. 😛 Man he looks so good in black. He looks like my ex Lance in that pic.LOL I said it before I will say it again Tom can not take a bad pic.

  2. ❗ he defiantly looks amazing… if you look into his eyes in the full size, you can see the vulnerability.. you see pain and desperate-tivity and regret.. you see the Draco from the sixth movie.. its genuinely amazing.. im almost have been put in a trance of awwwwwn…. 💡 😯

  3. This shot is reminding me a similar one done for The Goblrt Of Fire 😕 , to the exception that it was related to the Quidditch World cup scene 😉 . As a matter of fact ➡ , there were two, and it’s the second one that I’m using as a bookmark :mrgreen: .

    With Love,


  4. that’s IS sexy
    oh wait…he looks like my boyfriend 😯 OMG why didn’t I notice before 😈
    hummmm very similar indeed 😯 😈

    That photo reminds me of goblet of fire.
    but, he looks totally like the scared draco of the sixth book.
    amazing 😉

  5. It’s a sexy picture about Draco, but I think, that Tom Felton laughs moren than him.
    I like the picture, because I like Draco and so Tom, too.
    But I like him more, if he laughs;)

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