Feltbeats.com to interview Tom Felton about his upcoming EP, “In Good Hands”

In a few days we will be interviewing Tom Felton regarding his new album, “In Good Hands.”

We will be taking questions from fans (like you!) and asking a select few to Tom directly. We will be including your Twitter account along with each question – so please do a Twitter reply to @feltbeats with your question so we can confirm your account! If you want to e-mail questions or leave them in the comments below, be sure to include your Twitter name!

Please note that we are specifically discussing music, so please try to make sure the questions relate to that. 😉

Note, of course, that many people will ask the same type question, so I apologize in advance if you asked something and it ended up being attributed to someone else. Them’s the brakes!

Also, originality helps! We want Tom to have to think on his feet for some really insightful answers. Search on Twitter for @feltbeats

13 thoughts on “Feltbeats.com to interview Tom Felton about his upcoming EP, “In Good Hands”

  1. What about how long the average song takes to write?
    Is there a song that took ages, or you just had trouble with, and he ended up doing loads of revisions on?
    Inspiration for song writting?
    Best place to write songs?
    Does Tom ever record himself singing and play it back to himself—?
    What do you feel when you play to someone. nervous, embarrested, pressured?
    Does Tom normally write songs in his PJs? LOL:p

    Sure I’ll come up with a load more!

  2. Okay…so I posted this over on Twitter but I’ll do it here too, just in case!

    “When did you first start playing guitar/singing?”

    My name’s PrincessatHeart over on Twitter!

  3. I’m super new on Twitter so I don’t know how to send you something on it 😛 so here we go:

    What kind of gear do you have? (I.E. brand of guitar, microphone, harmonica, etc…)

    How do you write out your music? Notes on manuscript paper? By chords? Record it instead of dealing with writing it? Just try to remember it?

    Are you at all interested in writing songs in different, less popular time signatures? 12/8, 3/4, maybe go really crazy with a little 7/8 or something?

    If you could work with anyone (in music) who would it be and why?

    That’s all for now. My twitter account name is: TheWorldiSee. Thanks for considering my questions! Have fun with the interview!

  4. random but what is it wih him and time? And what does he do with songs that he stops, throws them away? Blow them up? And please don’t use this but why donsn’t he put me into his songs? Oh yeah i’m missawesome226 or just Kyra works fine.

  5. Oh no, I thought of a few more, sorry.

    Do you ever ask anyone (friends or family) for help if you can’t get a song right, or do you prefer to wait until it’s all done to show it to anyone?

    Do any of your friends or family ever tease you about the love-y content of some of your songs?

    If you could play any famous musician in a movie who would it be any why?

    This is TheWorldiSee, again.

    • Hi Jessie

      I reckon he gets a lot of stick from his brothers about being a softie .
      In adrenaline he made a reference to my boys (meaning his brothers) when he pinned Jades photo up in the cockpit of his plane.

  6. When you write a song, can you feel it flowing through you in some way or sense like a stream of consciousness? If so, what does it feel like?
    Twitter name: EliseSoYun

  7. Has an idea for a song ever come to you unexpectedly? If so, what situation were you in?

    Which artists, composers, etc inspire you in your songwriting?

    Did you think that you would ever be singing or writing songs when you were younger?

    Has Jade, your friends or family influenced your song writing?

    What type of environment do you prefer to write your music in?

    Will you ever write a song about your favourite food? Or baths? Or your dog? (Lol xD)

    Hope at least one question gets through 🙂 Thanks!
    <3 Mickey (Mickey_008 on Twitter)

  8. im have a question for you but i put it on twitter when i get home my question is that what made you write a new ablum, new songs? how this question ok x

  9. If you could choose between music and acting which one would you pick? Would you put your money with your looks or your voice?

    Which is your favourite genre of music?

    My twitter name is wonky_muggle.

    Am i too late?

  10. Hi, I really love your music but I can only find downloads for them on the internet. Have you thought about bringing them out into albums or have I just been blind;’)
    BTW, my twitter name is megant_96

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