27 thoughts on “(Sort of) new promotional image of Draco in HBP

  1. He looks exactly like I imagine Draco in this 6th book: so pale, so… oh, poor Draco.

    And Tom, as always, does a really good job.

    • He really looks mature in this one and with no sign at all of being weak or a coward or any of that. There is character here. Just great and will spark a few million Post-Hogwarts Draco fics I am sure.

      • “– with no sign at all of being weak or a coward or any of that.”

        hmm… I have to disagree. He stands here shoulders slumped and looking sideways, looking quite like a cat who is not quite sure should he flee or fight. Compare that to Lucius who always keeps proud posture and stares down his nose at anyone who dares to appear in front of him.

        But nice pic. VERY nice. 😀

  2. is it just me or does he look just like Lucious? o.O i mean look at him! the facial structure, that sneer…. his hair is too short but oh my damn! he is so hot too. XP

    • omg… your right. 😮 ❗ not only does he look much much older but you can totally see the image of lucius. id soppose that, that is what they were going for though.
      its amazing really…. this picture of draco ALMOST looks nothing like tom today… 😛 thats movie magic for yah. insane ❗ :mrgreen:

      • wow! i wasn’t the only one. lol 😀 but yeah this does make him look a lot older. so can’t wait for the rest of the movies. >< thanks “friend”. ^_^

  3. 1. he really does not look like lucius
    2. he’s nothing compared to his father 😯
    3.hes THE most gorgeous man on earth

    – i love draco

  4. does anyone else find it ironic that his name is tom, and if he was playing another role, he’d want voldemort, whose real name was tom?

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