28 thoughts on “New Pic Feeding Stingrays in Florida!

  1. Yeah, I checked it out early this morning 😛 .

    Stingrays, or Sea Devils, are extremely impressive, even though I’ve only seen some across documentaries, and aquariums 😳 , as I’ve travelled around the world with my family 😉 . In French we’re calling those “Anges De Mer“, “Sea Angels” 8) . Better than Sea Devils, isn’t it 😉 ?

    With Love,


  2. If you go a couple blocks across to those palm trees, that’s where I live. I actually go swimming with them every morning. HAHAHAHAHA… I’m kidding. Not about living in Florida. Now you can all stalk me for real like I know you wanted to. 😉 I don’t allow cameras in my vicinity unless I’m holding it. So no cameras. Although I’m very monumental, I am, indeed, not a monument. You can see me from Space, though. Yes. *nods*.

  3. Been there,done that! Great place!
    The rays totally enjoyed slapping my husband’s backside to get his attention… funny critters!

  4. Now that’s something I could probably never do…would freak me out too much. Florida in general? Been there too many times to get too excited about it! hahah


    p.s. oh, for whoever runs the site…I sent an email through the link at the bottom of the page. If you could read it at least, thank you.

  5. Okay to be completely honest i would prolly be jumping up and down and screaming!!!!! Fish give me the creeps haha!!!! But its totally a cute pic haha!!!

  6. I think even if you put Jade into an ugly piece if cloth she just can`t look ugly. she will always be goodlooking no matter what she`s wearing or doing. she would make a brilliant model indeed! cute foto!

  7. Oh man I fed stingrays at seaworld last year it was totally creepy. Their mouths are like vacuum cleaners, they swim over your hand and suck up the food. AH! haha.

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