34 thoughts on “New Avatar at Twitter

    • Of course he’s strong, Honey 😯 !
      Not only with the looks, but also spiritually speaking 😉 . What I mean is, I never doubted of Tom’s inner strenghts 😉 , even if I’ve understood right, he was being assumed as the softie by his older brothers 🙄 . Well, I’m of the gentlest nature too 😳 , and I’ve been for a while stamped also of being of the weakest kind, because of that 🙄 . Some learnt their error to their depends :mrgreen: . I’ve an iron-clad will, and the heart to the right place 8) . I’ve no interest into bullies 😈 , for in reality ➡ , it’s them, the weak ones, not the inverse, Tom 😛 ! It’s you who’s right, and them who’re wrong 😉 !

      Just like Anthony will learnt it soon a his turn 😉 …

      With Love,


  1. F**k me sideways!! 😯 God damn, that´s a nice pic!! Now I remember why I felt for him before… DAMN!! Lucky Jade!

  2. the pic was done beautifully! love Toms expression! ohhhh, but the look in his eye.. makes me wonder about what he was thinking when the pic was taken!

  3. JESUS CHRIST!!! Oh my God!!! He’s, he’s…an angel. He looks so dangerous and yet so SEXY!! 😯 😳 :mrgreen:

  4. your a great poser Tom. looking good! 😉 Jade is too lucky. she should really count her blessings and take care of you. boys like you are a dime a dozen. 🙂

  5. 😛 hey tom that is a really nice pic of you I saw it on my twitter acount. 🙂 Also how are things goin for you and your family?

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