Song titles! Tom Felton’s new album, “Tom Felton – In Good Hands”: Track Six

Track Six of the new album will be “If That’s All Right With You.”

This song was created a few months ago with Tom and a few of his friends, so it will be, as Tom describes, “something a bit different.”

What do you think the song is about? Post below and tell us your answer! When the music finally comes out, we’ll review your answers and see who is closest. 🙂 We’ll post a new song title every day – there are six in total.

13 thoughts on “Song titles! Tom Felton’s new album, “Tom Felton – In Good Hands”: Track Six

  1. I bet it will be a joke about what people expect and then doing what you want anyway. Maybe other voices if he wrote it with friends? That would be… different 🙂

  2. This one I think it’s about moving on. Like ”If that’s alright with you, I’ll be leaving tomorrow soon” 😛 I little bit different always tastes good for me.

    • You know, that’s so true. I am an artist, and I teach high school kids in the summer program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and that’s probably the number one thing I tell them… you have to do what you’re meant to do.

      If you are meant to be an illustrator, then you just need to do that and keep working at it until you’ve achieved your goal.

      Well… and study and practice a lot. Spending 5+ hours a day after you’ve worked all day isn’t uncommon, you know.

      Oh, and the legwork of actually getting your work together, preparing it, pimping it out…

      It’s a lot of work, but if it’s what you’re meant to do, then you have to do it.

    • I’m truly agreeing on this one, to be honest. By being our true self, we’re being honest with us and the others around. By not, we’re creating sadness ans disappointment into our lives, rather than the contrary…A good thing to meditate.

      Also, I think than saying goodbye to the his fellow friends frome Potter cast sounds good. After all it’s only a goodbye, see you again one day soon…

      With Love,


  3. liliginny27 said something about other voices-i think thats a good possibilty. i also think that someone or something else will be in this song. like other instruments.what about that? about the text: i think it will be about sayin “good bye” to his harry potter friends. i once red something about several potter-actors playing in a band and things…yeah, i think its pretty much about sayin good bye.

  4. hmmm.. well “somthing a bit diferent” could be refering to a different melody. id sopose that it could be about him taking a step back and kind of finding things involving more of something else. but im not sure 😕

  5. i think it’s going to be a music adaptation of the film The Goonies. maybe to tell the story from the point of view of Mouth’s charactor.

    lol. just kidding. sorry if that was crackish. i really have no idea what it would be about. maybe a song about the world and how we live our lives by other peoples expectations/standards. who knows.

    but i can’t wait!

    • that would be cool, since i know he likes rap music, especially eminem. i’d like to see that, would be interesting. 😆

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