Today, Tom’s official site ( was re-vamped. There isn’t any news, but there’s an awesome new look! Check it out!

13 thoughts on “ Updated

  1. omg… its about time… it looks amazing! it so needed an update because it was talking about how he couldnt wait till his 17th bday!! lolzz.. :mrgreen: it looks great 😛

  2. Good to see. I think the problem was that his old agent owned the domain name and therefore they couldn’t do anything about it until the domain name expired. – I think.

  3. 😆 The funniest part is, that I’m used to check it once a week, every Monday morning, you see :mrgreen: ? I like it, it definitely reflects his true self, with this lovely sepia color effect on the picture featured above 😉 …

    With Love,


  4. LOL, the pictures are in sepia mode! … Not that there’s anything wrong with that, haha.

    I wish there was a blog section or something. 😀

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