25 thoughts on “Poll: How do you listen to Tom Felton’s music?

  1. Ahh! “Listen quietly” is winning so far! I thought for sure you guys sing along! I should have included, “sing along, using Tom’s Cockney London accent whilst appreciating Tom’s voice” so as not to influence you one way or the other. 😉

    • The reason why I’m listening quietly 😳 , so I appreciate Tom’s voice ➡ , is for me the sole mean to get his Soul speaking to mine best 😉 . As far as his accent goes 😐 , it has never posing me any problem whatsover 8) , since I got quite some ears when to come to English 😛 , no matter where you’re coming from or living 😉 . However ➡ , I must admit I didn’t know than Tom’s accent was the Cockney London one 😳 . You’re learning things everyday 😉 …

      With Love,


  2. Are you sure it’s Cockney accent? I thought Cockney is what they use in the Eastenders series, but that sounds different, doesn’t it?

    • In the interview (Coming Soon!) he says it is a “slightly more Cockney London accent.” That being said, I’m American so I have no idea about anything!

  3. I sing along as well as apreciate his music and I sing it in his accent but that is because I usually have that accent anyway. i dunno about tom but my accent is south east london, and his sounds like that so he probably lives near me!

  4. I have done all three before 8D! But I normaly just listen to his voice and think about how much I LOVE his accent O_O <3 But whenever I’m not listening to his music, but I can hear the song in my head I try to sing like him XD <3

  5. ima always singing in his accent.. whenever i listen to him sing i just cant help miself.. its so funn and catchy }=^]>

  6. I sing along in his accent lmao It just happens.
    Though in actuality, I either appreciate his voice or sing along. It usually depends on what mood I’m in.

  7. I sit there with my head staring up in awe at the computer screen, smiling doofily, and giggling uncontrollably every time he smiles.

  8. Can’t there be some combination? I mean…sometimes it’s A…sometimes it’s B and sometimes it’s C…really…how can you choose? It totally depends on my mood.

  9. I listen quietly to his songs when there are new, but then after a few weeks i can’t listen them without sing them! and i love his accent! so can’t help trying (and i mean TRYING because mi accent is horrible) sing like him

  10. haha great poll, cos i love to just randomly burst into an ‘in my arms’ impersonation complete with british accent and air guitar during lunch and my friends just crack up laughing… its really quite fun. 🙂 i have tried singing under stars in my normal voice but it always ends up slipping into tom’s.

  11. So the accent I hearded was Cockney. As I am Dutch I don’t recognize English accents, only that there is an accent. Funny it’s so clear when singing, while it’s completely absent when acting.

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