The Twitter Interview (Part 0): Snitchseeker Preview received the unique opportunity to discuss Tom Felton’s music in light of his upcoming new album, “In Good Hands.” To spice things up, we decided to solicit interview questions from the Tom Felton followers on Twitter.

This article is a preview for the four-part interview series which begins tomorrow.

Also, keep an eye out for Tom’s new album, “In Good Hands,” which should be released on iTunes any day now.

In the next few weeks, will be releasing more of this exclusive interview with Tom Felton.

  • Wednesday, March 25 – Part One, The Twitter Interview: Discussion of New Album: In this interview, Tom goes into depth explaining each of the songs on his new album, “In Good Hands”
  • Friday, March 27 – Part Two, The Twitter Interview: Musical Background: Tom answers questions from tweeple about how he learned to play guitar and the songwriting process.
  • Wednesday, April 1 – Part Three, The Twitter Interview: Music & Acting: Tom discusses how acting relates to singing.
  • Friday, April 3 – Part Four, The Twitter Interview: Lyrics: Tom and Misha from get into a heated argument over the lyrics to some of Tom’s songs. Spoiler alert: He wins.

In this case,, one of the bigger Harry Potter fan sites, submitted several questions to ask Tom, and we were happy to oblige. Snitchseeker is one of the Harry Potter Web sites…

Tom Felton: Yeah, I read your e-mail. You said they were very good friends to you.

FB: Yes, they’ve been very nice, and they always do a great job covering Tom Felton news. So, I definitely wanted to try to get their questions in because of that.

TF: Sure, sure.

FB: So, a few months ago, Snitchseeker interviewed Robert Pattinson…

TF: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

FB: And one of the things they asked him was what his favorite dinosaur was.

TF: That’s a random request, isn’t it? But, I mean, everyone has a favorite dinosaur. It’s not like it’s a ridiculous question – it’s purely logical, really.

AUDIO: Tom says the dinosaur question is purely logical.

FB: *I* don’t have a favorite dinosaur!

TF: I’m sure Stephen Fry would have a favorite dinosaur. It’s something Stephen Fry would ask on Twitter. As for me, it’s pretty simple… it’s like Jurassic Park. And what is my favorite animal in – Show quoted text – Jurassic Park? I always liked the raptors! I always thought they were cool.

AUDIO: Raptors are his favorite.

FB: You know what? I’ve actually always liked the raptors, too!

TF: They’re the nastiest ones, really. They’re the quickest, and they have the nasty hook thing… Now, I would never want to see one, or meet one, but anyway, they’re fun to watch.

FB: Well, now I have that important answer!

TF: Yeah, excellent.

FB: So, their next question is: “Have you ever brought your guitar onto the set of Harry Potter, and if so, have you ever jammed with any of the other actors?”

TF: Evvvvveryday. That’s where I learned to play guitar! It’s no secret that there can be quite a lot of time-waiting on the film set. I just took a guitar in… Actually, the first person who started showing me stuff was my driver. I had the same driver from the first film, a very nice guy called Jimmy Adams. He actually played the left-handed guitar, and obviously I’m right handed. But, it was a little bit tricky then to show me anything decent. Now, he showed me a couple of moves, and he’s been a great resource. I just learned pretty much from there.

As far as jamming on the set with people, I know James Phelps is a big guitar man. I think he’s more into his electric, shredding up the e-string and that sort of thing. He was always working, though, as well, so we never actually got a chance. One of the young chaps, Freddie Stroma – we had a little jam once on one of the nicer days outside. He brought his guitar and I had mine. And some of the crew members as well.

AUDIO: Tom discusses music on the set of Harry Potter.

FB: Where you wearing your school uniforms while you were playing?

TF: Yes, I think so. It was a really sunny day the day we played so I remember being really hot in my uniform outside!

FB: And doesn’t Matt Lewis play?

TF: And Matt Lewis, yeah! I didn’t realize he jammed on the strings! He sent me a message the other day. He said, “Loved the new song; I really want the chords.” And I didn’t realize he played the guitar. That’s cool, that’s cool. We’ve got another jammer on the list.

FB: Yeah, you guys should have, like, a Harry Potter Reunion Tour.

TF: Yeah, that’s it. We should have a band, shouldn’t we? Brilliant.

FB: Definitely.

TF: Well, you know, when I was in America, I was brought aware of this thing called wizard rock. Are you aware of such a thing?

FB: Oh, yeah, definitely!

TF: Oh my god, I had no idea that people were actually making a living out of singing about, you know, Harry Potter! It’s craaazy, man! I find that so fun!

AUDIO: Tom discusses wizard rock.

FB: Have you heard any of the songs, then?

TF: The funny thing is, we met a lady once who actually sung in one of the bands. And she got some of her friends on the phone. I think it was a band called ‘Draco and the Malfoys’?

FB: Yeah, yeah!

TF: Yeah, it’s quite random! And I spoke to them, and was like, “Hello, nice to meet you.” I won’t lie, I thought it was a novelty thing; I didn’t realize it had this huge following! And they actually have gigs and stuff! I was like, “Wow!” I mean, ‘Draco and the Malfoys’ actually toured Europe! It’s incredible.

FB: And have you heard their song “Tom Felton’s Kinda Hot”?

TF: Well, I think I heard about that… Aren’t there guys in that band?

FB: Yes, but it is from Draco’s perspective, see? All the songs in wizard rock are from the perspective of the character the group is named after. So this song is about how Draco thinks you’re a good actor to play him in the movies.

TF: Well, there you go. How bizarre! How bizarre. Wow, well, that gives me more insight!

FB: Okay, so next question. We’ve covered some of this already, but have any of your Potter co-stars heard your music, and, if they have, and what did they think of it?

TF: I won’t lie, I’ve never really been one to shout it from the rooftops, as such. So probably yes and no. I mean, I think they may have. I’ve certainly never told them about it. But they may have heard it in their own time. Certainly, some of the crew have been very nice about it.

FB: It seems like you’re a little shy about it!

TF: No, it’s not that I’m shy, or anything. It’s just… it’s nice to keep the two separate, I think. I’ll bring my guitar to work, but if someone says, “Sing me a song!” I wouldn’t do it. I’m not really confident enough to belt out a song. That’s why, you know, one of my dreams is to play live, to sort of perform live music. But I don’t think that I’d be that cool or comfortable to do it any time soon. But I’d like to do it. I don’t know.

FB: You just need to work up to it.

TF: Yes, work up to it. Work up to it. Playing in my room is definitely a lot easier than playing in front of people.

FB: So this next question… I’m not sure if this is true? Snitchseeker wants to know why you change your accent when you’re singing. Do you?

TF: Yeah. No, I won’t lie, I’m not sure I understand that question. I don’t, I don’t think. If anything, though… well, I guess the answer is that most people, when singing generically, we all sing in pretty much the same accent. Like American, English, Irish, Welsh, it all sounds the same. But I think lately people have started accentuating their own accent to sort of show where they are from, if that makes sense. I can sing with an American accent, but it sounds more comfortable to me to say words in a slightly more Cockney London way, even if it isn’t necessarily the way I speak. Rather than, sort of, a well-spoken American way. It’s hard to explain. But put it this way, if I’m covering Jack Johnson’s tunes, I don’t sing in his accent, I sing in my own accent.

FB: One of my friends, ( Administrator) Becka, lives in the UK, and she said it is sort of a trend now in Britain, I guess, to sing with the English accent?

TF: Yeah, is it a big trend at the moment, just have a look at Lily Allen, or Kate Nash. However, I feel it’s not the trend I’m following; to me it just always seemed more natural to sing the way I do. The songs are real. They’re just about simple things in life, and I think people can relate to that.

Thanks, Tom! Please watch for the first part of the interview, which will be posted tomorrow!

35 thoughts on “The Twitter Interview (Part 0): Snitchseeker Preview

  1. They’re just about simple things in life, and I think people can relate to that.

    How much true 😯 ! No wonder I can find your songs much more reliable to any other, Tom 😳 . No wonder you Soul speaks to mine so easily, then 😀 !

    Oh my god, I had no idea that people were actually making a living out of singing about, you know, Harry Potter!

    You mean you didn’t know until then 😮 ? To be true, I didn’t know either there were so much of them, until I had registered on iTunes 😳 . Even if Draco and The Malfoys aren’t amongst my favorites, though 😛 .

    On the other hand, this interview is reflecting Tom’s truthful and sincere heart. You can tell isn’t being overdone to have a little effect, which I think is the most important 😉 . And you can tell also how much he’s reserved, and doesn’t like to be pushed around (especially when it’s coming to his music) 😛 , and I like that as well 😉 . Respect 🙂 !

    With Love,


  2. What a great preview! Thanks so much! And his accent…wow! just love it! *swoons*

    Can’t wait till tomorrow for the rest. Great job Misha! Like I said before, you are a very lucky girl! *huggles*

    Excitedly waiting for more,

  3. Thanks for all the time you must have spent writing this up, I’m loving it. And, I won’t lie 😉 , the clips are awesome!

  4. Honey, you may as well have called this the first part of the interview. Amazing Prologue/Sneak Preview, dearie.

    Can’t wait for the rest.


  5. What a great way to start the day. Nice to hear his voice again. Can’t believe he’s never heard of Wizard Rock especially since it comes up when you search Feltbeats on iTunes. Raptor – Finally got our answer! Thanks again Misha for all your hard work and time!

  6. Preview! WOW 😯 that is amazing! I can’t wait for the 1st part if this is just a snippet of what we can look forward to…!
    Sorry just a little over excited, lol 😛

  7. Great preview Misha look forward to reading the whole thing
    I think there should be a jammming session with all the cast of Harry Potter when the Final DVD is released it would make a great ending to the series. Tom to write the music and lyrics of course and if he did we might just learn what they all got up to between takes.

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  13. Wow, about the accent thing when singing. I took six years of voice lessons and my instructor slowly turned my American southern accent into a more polished almost english accent. It is because of the type of music my voice is suited for, I am more inclined to sing classical music than to be heard with a pop song. Doesn’t mean I won’t sing them, just I have a more operatic voice. My instructor had me singing alot of Italian, German, and definitly some broadway. I do enjoy it, and love to listen to the opera and broadway stations on the radio. (I love satellite radio). So anyway…my speaking accent can be anywhere from deep southern drawl to slight southern, whereas my singing voice is very proper, and I can’t change it, it’s a psychological thing for me.

  14. Okay, now I amfor so what I have heard out my mum and dad and family.. I am half english. I don’t actually know how I talk in life.. When I was younger my voice sounded INCREIBLY HIGH and a littel squeeky. But now for what I know it sounds a littel non-squeekier now. It seems like my voiv=ce can be high. When I am singing which I dont’t know how good I am. I feel the song because I am about christian music not too much of a pop and hip hop fan at all. Like not a fan of alicia keys or beyonce or people like that but I don’t know if they have this in england but they have it here in New Jersey called Crazy Frog. Thats probably I have grown out of it but I listen to it sometimes. I can stand like Elton John and Sherie Renee Scott from My Strongest Suit.

  15. Hahaha-that was a cool interview! I really liked it-raptors…being hot in uniforms ;). luv it all!
    Luv you TONS, Tom!
    Your biggest fan, Mkay<3 xxx

  16. Are any of the audio snippets still available anywhere? I would LOVE to listen to them, but can’t seem to find them. Can anyone help me out?

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