Tom Felton to attend 17 Again UK premiere

Tom Felton (Draco) has just announced, via his Twitter account, that he will be attending the UK premiere for 17 Again tomorrow evening.

Also I’m attending the ’17 again’ premiere of Zac Efrons new film tomorrow night. I will fill you all in on what i think about it! xxx

It opens on April 10th in the UK and on April 17th in the US.

Thanks to snitchseeker and Tom for the news!

9 thoughts on “Tom Felton to attend 17 Again UK premiere

  1. Yeah, I saw it first thing in the morning :mrgreen: . Gosh! If I was him, I would have had ten times preferred to stay home, you know 😕 ?! Especially since I’ve understood into yesterday’s interview that he wasn’t very much at ease with crownds 🙄 . i can get that too, I’m very much the same 😳 …

    But when your a Star…Brother 🙄 !!

    With Love,


  2. I take it the premiere will take place in London? I have a friend who lives near the city. Perhaps I can convince her to go and take some piccys for us. 😀
    Though she is a bit against crowds herself. Hmm…will try anyway, got nothing to lose, right?

  3. man, he is so lucky to go to all these premieres. first dark knight, and now this. does he get invites or has hook ups? wish i did, lol. the movie looks interesting, i’d watch it. but i wanna get his opinion first ;).

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