Tom attends 17 Again UK premiere

Tom and Jade attended the UK premiere of 17 Again at the Odeon West End Theater in London.





Thanks to snitchseeker for the pics!

23 thoughts on “Tom attends 17 Again UK premiere

  1. i like her dress, she’s so skinny. 😮 and he looks smashing and uber cute. 😀 shiny! 😆 she looks older than him but he has grown quite a lot over the years. *tear* “he’s all grown up”. reminds me of tom cruise in that last pic for some reason.. 🙄

  2. Love the suit. Grey and black really works for him!
    Oh, and I absolutely love her heels! She’s got such great taste in clothes!

  3. I’ve seen those shoes in the stores – I couldn’t walk one step in them. They are both cute, thin, cute…

    But there is that saying, ‘you can never be too rich or too thin.’

    Isn’t she freezing? I cannot be in a movie theater without a shawl or sweater or long sleeves.

    I’m envious.

    • to flutesong: ah, right okay. but she must be freezing. i’d wear a sweater and be fashionably inappropriate. like i’d care. 😆

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  5. WOW! Holy cow, his pants ARE shiny! Hehe. 😀 But man, does he ever look handsome! Aw! Jade’s so pretty! Those 2 are ADORABLE!

  6. What some awesome pics!!!!
    Tom looks fantastic as ever!
    Jade looks gorgeous
    Together they make a lovely couple
    They look so happy.

  7. Wow, Jade looks beautiful but somehow it doesn’t look like her….maybe it’s her hair, the make-up or the lighting or something….Nice shiny pants Tom…haha

  8. I’m so glad he made it on time 😆 , for when I had turned my PC off last night, he was still caught in the traffic on the way to go 😆 !!

    I’m happy he didn’t caught into any accident whatsover, that was my concern 😀 . When there is so much traffic anywhere in the world 🙄 , you never know 🙁 …

    With Love,


  9. Yes! Jade does look every different from someother pictures i have seen eg.At the dark night premiere but those two look great together

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