Tom Felton attends Empire Awards

Tom Felton, along with his on-screen father and aunt, Jason Issacs and Helena Bonham Carter, respectively, are attending the Empire Awards today, which is being held over at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Here is a live blog on the happenings of the award show.

The Feltbeats community would like to extend a round of applause and congratulations to Helena Bonham Carter for winning the “Best Actress” award!

Be sure to check out the Gallery for more pictures!

Also, as of now, only several photos have surfaced of Tom Felton. If more are found, please send them on over to us. Thanks.

12 thoughts on “Tom Felton attends Empire Awards

  1. 1st time I’ve seen him with a stubble. They both look kind of tired, but Jade is elegant and he is wearing a suit, which makes me happy because I hate when celebs got to these things in jeans and trainers.

    Such blue, blue eyes!

  2. wow… hes got some stubble.. i miself cant say dat dat look works for him.. ya knw lolz but jade.. omg jade.. again she looks so beautiful, so elegant, so DIFFERENT… is it jus mii or iz amazing how many different looks she has.. iz almost like tom has a diff girl with him in each event idk lolz.. }=^]>

    • No, it’s not just you. I’m still trying to figure out how she actually looks like… Only thing I’ve come up with so far: brunette girl- got to be Jade then…

  3. More great photos of Jade and Tom.
    Tom with stubble not sure if it suits him Tom with a goatie beard I don’t think so

    • ou.. ur so right.. he isnt da type of person who can pull off facial hair.. plus+ hell have 2 shave it off anyways for when dey begin fiming DH because draco doesnt have goatie or and facial hair for that matter… but jade looks fantatic.. lolz im looking 2 get some tipz from dat girl ]^D lolzz..

  4. OMG Tom even looks hot with hair on his face. Jade is beautiful and elegant as always. They are a perfict couple.

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