Announcing the first-ever Feltbeats iTunes Wait-a-thon

According to our super-secret sources (i.e. a girl on Twitter), we believe that Tom’s new album could be released very late Monday night.

Evidently, iTunes has something they call “Music Tuesday” or whatnot where they release new music on this day. And, when Tom submitted his album to iTunes they said it would take approximately 4 weeks to go live.

So, we think, based on this evidence, that there is a good chance the songs will go up very early on Tuesday (like after 12 am or something – give or take several hours).

Therefore, we are sponsoring a free (yes, FREE!) live chat event, called the Feltbeats iTunes Wait-a-thon – and YOU are invited! We will hang out, chat, and keep checking iTunes over and over, until we are tired, and then we will probably go to sleep.

If the music arrives, however, we will buy the album together, squeeee in happiness, write up the lyrics (as you will see in the fourth Twitter interview, I really need some help with Tom’s lyrics, LOL!) and discuss what we think of the new music. How fun!

Drinks and cocktails will be served! (If you bring them yourself!) Not sure exactly when to start… 9 pm CST or before?

5 thoughts on “Announcing the first-ever Feltbeats iTunes Wait-a-thon

  1. I`d love to take part at that chat-if only I knew how. I`ve been tryin to figure out how to get to the place where you can chat… 😥

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