7 thoughts on “More footage of Tom at the Empire Awards

  1. love it!!! second part on the 5.oo mark is so sweet!! she’s like “what are you doing here??” and he’s “congratulations”

    His smile is sooo sweet!!!!

  2. can someone hear what he’s answering to her when she’s ask what are you doing here?

    Best part of the video, Helena changes her voice when she sees him, becoming very sweet just like she’s talking to someone she really appreciates love it!!

  3. i luv draco i think he is the bad boy in harry potter that pulls it all together!
    and i think tom is part of why he is my favorite character

  4. i think if i could do anything in the world it would be: to have a conversation with tom, just for a couple of minutes!

  5. tom if ur reading this i think ur an amazing artist in acting,singing,playing guitar,and writing music! :mrgreen:
    i think ur amazing!!! 🙄

  6. my fave song of his is “time well spent medley”
    i think he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented
    he actually inspired me 2 start a band!
    and i made a couple of songs from his inspiration

    p.s. u were sooooooo well in h.p. i should know i read all of them!!! :mrgreen:

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