New Half-Blood Prince trailer debuts at ShowWest; more focus on Draco

The CinemaBlend Web site is reporting that a new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer has premiered at ShoWest. According to the site, the new trailer shows lots of new Draco footage, including some new dialogue.

Dumbledore also has a line of dialogue that definitely isn’t part of the book– “Voldemort has chosen Draco Malfoy for a mission.” Remember that in the book, Harry spends the whole time convinced Draco is up to something, while everyone else thinks Harry is just blaming Malfoy again for something he’s not doing. But if Dumbledore says straight-out that Malfoy is working for Voldemort this time, that could change a lot of the direction of the story. In the book we don’t know for sure that Malfoy is working for Voldemort until he shows up on top of the castle to kill Dumbledore. The movie seems to be focusing a lot more on Malfoy, based on shots of him in the trailer, so it might get a lot more interesting to watch him, knowing he’s the bad guy.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet to the general public, but we’ll bring it to you as soon as it does.

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21 thoughts on “New Half-Blood Prince trailer debuts at ShowWest; more focus on Draco

  1. Wait a minute, Dumble’s has Snape murder him to save Draco’s soul! If they change the direction and make Draco completely evil when it’s proven in the books that he’s just trying to save his family, then Dumble’s death would be completely for naught. He believes he has no choice, by making it sound like he does, that means every instance of him in the 7th book would have to be completely rewritten to make any sense. Draco’s not evil; he’s scared! There’s a huge difference there.

    I will never forgive the WB if they change Draco like that.

    *rant over; feel free to delete this*

    • I am totally with you lillyginny27
      Draco is not really evil he is scared and mislead (ok maybe a little bit evil) 😉 . As a teen he is being influenced by people who do not have his best interest at heart. I hope WB did not mess his character up. He is a bit like Snape where you think he is evil but there is that moment where you see the conflict in the character and for Draco it is the tower. In book 7 you see he is conflicted with his believes every time you see him. He does not like what happens to the teacher, he tries not to turn in the trio when the show up at the manor and he really does not participate in the final battle but hides most of the time. Then there is the epilogue where that nod happens towards Harry and Ron and it just made me wonder so much about Draco and what really happened to him in those 19 years. I hope Jo gives us that info it really made me so curious when I read it.

      • I agree that he’s not evil. Draco is brainwashed by an evil father, and he’s under tremendous pressure to live up to an impossible standard. He’s exploited and abused by the Dark Lord, and his very best moment is when he lowers his wand. I hope the movie uses that part, because it changes Draco’s character entirely and shows that he’s got a conscience.

    • lilyginny27: sorry but nowhere in the article does it say draco will kill dumbledore. are you all lost? 🙄 just that dumbledore says that, which i do not agree with at all, unless its just included in the trailer. we have to wait and see.

      • Wow, didn’t realize this would start such a dialogue. Cool.

        So, Oasis:
        But anyway, 1)I never said he (Draco) killed Dumbledore, but that Dumbles has Snape kill him(Dumbles)to keep Draco from doing it in order to save his(Draco’s) soul. Dumbles knows Draco isn’t a killer, and he doesn’t want to put him further on the path of becoming a Death Eater and/or the next Dark Lord as killing another splits your soul.
        2) If Dumbledore says “Voldemort has given Draco Malfoy a mission” to HARRY it could potentially put a wrench in how the book portrays Draco versus how the movie portray’s him. As the article does state, and we all know, Harry doesn’t actually know what Draco is up to, he’s only guessing in the books. A statement like that could entirely change how HARRY views his entire 6th year, and especially how he views Malfoy. And since the movies are from HARRY’s point of view this could be incredibly significant. We don’t know if it will be for the benefit of Draco (to make him more a sympathetic character) or not, but if the guy who saw the trailer thinks it means Draco’s more evil than usual, then that doesn’t make me feel very optimistic about it. Draco’s not evil, he’s scared.

        and 3) Tom even said in this last interview (part 3) that the Sectumsempra scene is longer and more involved than it was in the book. Are they trying to bring more sympathy to the character of Draco or just the opposite? Does he ever say Crucio or not? I’ve heard not. How conflicted is Draco here? If they portray him as being more evil and “into” Voldemort than we see from the books, then that could make the scenes with him in it even harder to portray in DH. Draco shows revulsion at his teacher being killed; he doesn’t identify Harry at Malfoy Manor; he’s desperate at the end only trying to save his own skin and clings to his family when they find each other. If they change things in HP6 that could affect how they would play out in HP7, that could possibly mean we would SEE LESS OF TOM and that would be A BAD THING.

        And if the WB cuts the broom ride out of the ROR I will officially never see a WB movie again.

        *rant over*

  2. OMG 😯

    That’s a huge plot change!!! I’m starting to get a bit nervouse about the movie. I’m already doubtful about the actress playing Narcisa. Imean, not that I don’t like her, it’s just that she isn’t quite like how I’ve always imagined Narcisa.

    And now there’s this…I won’t criticise just yet. I’ll wait for the film. Maybe this change will make things better, maybe not. I guess we’ll only findo out when the movie comes out.

  3. Oh well… I was alway found of Draco. People In mt class say I read the books to much and they would think I would Like harry not draco… I wounder how the movie will be… And by the way do you mind telling us how u became an actor? I find stuff like that intresting!! (you don’t have to) 😉

    • ya me 2!
      my friends love harry, but i like draco better!! 😀
      and they think im crazy cause i like the “bad” boy
      but im pretty sure he has a reason to do the mission
      but if he doesnt ill still luv him! :mrgreen:

  4. Noone said that Dumbledore said this sentence to Harry?! And even if so, Draco could still be forced to that “mission” and not necessarily enjoy it…

  5. I don’t get it… Why would they do that? Anyone who read and understood HBP would know that Draco wasn’t a baddie, not really. It’s more he’s being pressured. His life and his mum’s life were threatened… Throughout the entire story [all books inclusive] Draco’s been a rotten little sh** whom we all hate to love (and vice-versa), but he was never inherently evil. That much was proved in HBP at the very least. If the report is true, I just don’t that was a very smart move.

    Right, I’ve gone on a fan-gent (fan-tangent) to know one.

    Cheers, anyway.

  6. I think this could be bad, and it could be… well another line of dialog, it all depends on what direction WB takes on it. Hopefuly, like soz said, “Draco could still be forced to that “mission” and not necessarily enjoy it”

  7. Couldn’t what Dumbledore have said just be a part of a clip that he might be saying to Snape and they just made it sound like he’s talking to Harry? Then if he’s talking to Snape it would still line up with the books because Dumbledore knows that Voldemort wants Draco to kill him.

    It could also be that Dumbledore knows that Draco’s mission is to kill him and tells Harry that Draco has a mission, but not what the mission is. I don’t think that means Draco is evil, just that he’s been given a mission and it doesn’t change the movie a bit.

  8. Nearly all my fanfics are inspired by HBP–I even wrote a version of HBP from Draco’s point of view! So I am SOOOOO excited to see this film! Can’t wait!

  9. im reading the 6th one 4 the first time! :mrgreen:
    so far in the book i do think draco is a death eater but im not shure 😐
    but anyway i luv ur music tom!!!
    ur a great singer,guitar player,and actor!!! 😳
    keep it up! 🙂
    luv ya!!! 😳

  10. Maybe it’s me,
    But it’s like Lupin is saying it, not Dumbledore.
    Lupin says: ‘Voldemort has chosen Draco Malfoy for a mission,’
    Or I’m just turning deaf now.

  11. Yeah, I’ve seen that trailer on youtube (it’s available to the general public now) and it didn’t seem as though they were going to make him evil.

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