“Cold Blood Kill” World War II movie to be officially called “Grace and Danger”; more details on plot

A few weeks ago Feltbeats.com reported that Tom Felton was involved with a film called “Cold Blood Kill.” He is set to play an American Soldier named Carnaby during World War II. We now have a few more details regarding the film.

Firstly, the movie has officially been renamed “Grace and Danger,” and you can now see the IMDB profile here. Please note that Tom is not currently listed; this is only because of the limitations of pre-production films on IMDB.

The director and co-writer, Rhys Hayward, also gave us some more insight on Tom’s character, Carnaby:

Private Carnaby is the calm member of the group, and the most honest, and level-headed person out of all the soldiers. He has a contemplative nature, a man of quiet dignity. He is probably the only person Élodie is willing to trust, and his altruistic nature immediately puts her at ease.

Additionally, Rhys has provided us with a plot outline that is even more detailed than previous summaries, including more information about Tom’s character, Carnaby. So, spoiler alert! If you want to read more, highlight the text below:

WWII France. A young woman, Élodie, finds herself the sole survivor of a massacre perpetrated by Nazi SS officers. Their leader and his men are shot dead by Allied soldiers when they stumble upon the scene of the crime. Reluctant to trust anyone, Élodie sets off on a journey with the 7 soldiers, who are racing to reach a rendezvous point in preparation for the final assault on Germany.

They stop to rest in a forest. Private Sykes is fascinated by Élodie, but Private Carnaby soon quells his enthusiasm, keen to maintain decorum. They resume their journey, led by Captain Nordgren and the gruff Sergeant Austin. The soldiers discuss their superiors’ love-hate relationship as they trek through the landscape, and Sykes reveals he had married young to a rebellious women he could never tame. There is a palpable tension between all of them.

Back at the massacre site, Worner, a ruthless SS captain, discovers the bodies of the dead Nazi officers. He sets off in pursuit of Nordgren and his men.

A mistake by Private Felling almost costs them their lives, when they run into more SS soldiers. Austin, eager to mete out punishment, is furious when Nordgren intervenes. Shortly afterwards, they stumble across the site of another massacre, where the hard-hearted Austin is brought to tears by the sight of dead children. Private Cifaretto, always protective of Felling, tries to stop him from witnessing the sight, but the callow soldier persists. The sight leaves him a changed man.

With Worner drawing ever closer, they set up camp for the night, unaware of the approaching danger. The following morning, Sykes tries to forcefully kiss Élodie when he finds her alone and vulnerable. She takes flight. Guilt-ridden, he cannot bring himself to pursue her. His emotional torment continues when they rescue Élodie a second time, and Private Tanner pokes fun at him. After hearing gunfire, Nordgren dispatches Austin, Sykes, and Felling to investigate. Felling rescues Austin during an ambush, but is forced to abandon Sykes. Nordgren insists they continue without him.

Sykes is brought before Worner. After refusing to talk, he is killed. Nordgren and company arrive at a village, which is swarming with SS soldiers. They are soon spotted, but manage to escape. However, when they reach the rendezvous point, they find themselves alone. The SS pursue them and a battle ensues, which claims the lives of Nordgren and Tanner. Felling makes a heroic last stand, as Carnaby and Cifaretto fight to protect Élodie. Suddenly, the other Allied troops arrive and force the SS to retreat.

Later, Austin and the others look on as the remaining SS are rounded up, relieved to be alive, lamenting their fallen comrades. With the help of a translator, Carnaby and Élodie finally communicate, and they share a brief, but poignant farewell, before she boards a truck heading for a safe haven.

Thanks Rhys for the updates and additional information. We hope to have even more details in the next few weeks, so keep checking Feltbeats.com.

7 thoughts on ““Cold Blood Kill” World War II movie to be officially called “Grace and Danger”; more details on plot

  1. Sounds like an interesting story. I look forward to seeing Tom in this movie.

    Wish you the best, Tom! *thumbs up*

  2. Cool! I just heared your music and…MAN! your good! Your like a new Beatle! ( From The beatles) Wow! I’m a big fan of The beatles and wow…I’m still stunned from how good you are! Maybe the beatles should step aside because Tom Felton is here! Or am I being dramatic? Your like my 2nd favorite singer ( or first if you don’t count The Beatles) 😉

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