Update on Tom Felton’s photo shoot with Drama Magazine

We posted earlier today about Tom’s photo shoot in Drama Magazine, a premiere magazine focused on fashion and performance.

Tom has just given us a quick update on his shoot. He said that they experimented with many different looks for him, and he is very excited to see what his fans think of the end results. “I’m not sure if fans will be able to recognize me, with such a different look. But I can’t wait to see what you all think!”

He also said that he had a really fantastic day; the staff was very talented, and it was one of the best shoots he’s ever had and surely his favorite.

Drama Magazine comes out twice a year, so I expect (though I am just guessing) that his spread will be in the next issue. I will update you as soon as I know more details, or have more information to share.

UPDATE: Tom has also updated his Twitter account:

still at the photoshoot! best shoot i’ve ever done, truly talented guys here! can’t wait to show you all the results…

Check out their site, www.drama-magazine.com …they have tried very different looks with me…its been a great day! hope you’re all well too!

Lastly, Drama Magazine has a Twitter account. Please follow them and ask them when the next magazine will be out, and let them know how excited you are that they will be featuring Tom!

9 thoughts on “Update on Tom Felton’s photo shoot with Drama Magazine

  1. Is he already in the pictures? Because, I cant see him! If he is in there, and I cant recognize him then they did an awesome job!

  2. Will you guys post the pictures here when they come out too because I dont get that magazine. Cant wait to see Tom in them though, hope he looks as good looking as ever!!!

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