Tom Felton on holiday in Rome UPDATE

As most of you know already from reading Tom’s Twitter, Tom and Jade are Rome, Italy this weekend.  True to his word, he’s now sharing some images of the trip with us.

By the trevi fountain! Jade & I made R wishes & threw a coin in, had gellato 2, so hot it melted b4 I could finish it.

Photos taken by the lovely Jade. 
We’ll keep you updated as they share more with us. Stay tuned. Thanks Tom and Jade!
UPDATE: Tom’s been keeping us busy and entertained with their Roman adventures today.  More photos have been added to the Feltbeats Photo Gallery, including this one:

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We’ll keep you posted with more adventures as they come in. Thanks for sharing Tom and Jade!

14 thoughts on “Tom Felton on holiday in Rome UPDATE

  1. so cool! I know i’m going to Rome! and i will make sure no to go near that spot so that i am not forced into paying for a flippin bracelet. XD lol

  2. i know how Tom feels I have had the same experience when we went to Cape Verde got chatting to a local and ended up parting with euros for local carvings only to find out they were available commercially. So Tom once bitten twice shy!!!!

  3. haha how thougtfull of tom 2 take time out of his vacation 2 post pics of him on his vacation on his twitter jus 4 us… tanx to lilyginny 4 posting em 4 us… i feel bad dat he got scammed on his girlfriends b-day.. haha mabeh he can give da bracelete 2 jade..

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