Tom Felton posts new pic on Twitter

Tom has just changed his avatar picture on his Twitter this morning. It is a never-before-seen (by us)  pic from his Hot or Not photoshoot from a few months ago.  Thanks for sharing, Tom!

Tom’s also feeling very talkative today, so if you’re able, send him a tweet. I’m sure he’d appreciate it 🙂

25 thoughts on “Tom Felton posts new pic on Twitter

  1. Yep, just caught sight of it a few minutes ago. I like it, it’s a good one, too. I’m quite happy, very happy for him to know he’ll be doing music soon with other artists. I’m looking forward the result.

    With Love,


  2. Hi Tom
    Please don’t ever quit acting
    cause you are the best!

    Do you Really enjoy making
    Harry Potter movies?!

    signed, Suzanne in USA

  3. Woah….now there’s a healthy boy! Apparently all that milk and working out did him good!
    Lol 😀

    I love this pic 🙂

  4. Hmmmm you would make a great study. For art, I mean.
    You have the perfect movement about yourself–you wouldn’t be able to make a picture look dull.
    Also, you’re not fake.

    Another thing, you did excellently in your scenes of the Half-Blood Prince.
    Got the emotion and grinding tension through perfectly.


    Just don’t let things get to you, keep on… and whenever you mess up, don’t care about the public, or the freaking paparazzi. The things that really should matter to you are what you should worry about.
    Not saying that you’re going to mess up, or that you don’t already know that stuff– I just see a very good image in you.


    And stuff.

    oh well.

    — from some random person from some random city in some random country who is talking too much currently shutting up now.

  5. Tom this is a GREATT picture of you!
    Your very good at acting no i should refrase that you are the most AMAZING actor everything you do as draco to the facial expressions to the fighting scences, I find your role playing draco is the hardest role but when you act it out you make it seem so easy! Your absolutely without a doubt amazing tom dont ever stop acting because you have a talent no one else will ever have or match up to. As well as your stunning voice and brilliant guitar skills..I love you for who you are even though ive never met you alone seen you unless you count guitar videos and harry potter interviewws! lol(: well i dont think i should write a story of why you are amazing but i would love it if you replied to me you would make me soo happy so if you could i would love to hear back from you but i know how many people write you fan letters and comments nd im just another girl fan but im diffrent i hope youll be able to learn that but getting to know me. Tom stay handsom and god bless you your an amazing person i can tell..(:


  6. It’s so good to see you at this photo at a normal weight . And i guess i am right … i don’t know if you started gym or some kind of diet but your body looks extremely beautifull and healthy and i am happy to see that Tom. I am one of your biggest funs from Greece and we have something common … our interest for music.. you are playing guitar and singing i’m playing piano and singing. i really admire you Tom … So many talents , so many interests … i wish i could meet you someday and share with you my ideas and i hope you will share some of yours with me too.

  7. From an artistic point of view, I enjoy it. The lighting, angle of the body, look in the eye. There is talent in you and it is refreshing to see new entertainers with something to offer and you, Tom, definitely have something to offer and I thank you for sharing it with the world.

    P.S. I love your i-Tunes favorite “The Beatles: 1” That’s one of my fav albums to listen to, especially at night. Good inspirational music to listen to from start to finish. Ugh, I’m rambling. Bye! 😛

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