21 thoughts on “High-res screen caps of Tom Felton from new trailer

    • He certainly does. Emotional, affective manipulation course he’s going through. It tastes awful in my mouth. I hate and at the same time I’m mesmerized by the rendering quality of Tom’s interpretation of it, even if it’s for a few minutes. It’s been long since Revenge Of the Sith have I witnessed such thing…

      With Love,


  1. Ahmazing trailer. Andrew from mugglecast says his voice sounds too wimpy when he says “I have to do this” he thinks it should sound manly. But uhm hello. He’s having a rough time here? Pretty bad stuff. I think its absolutley amazing. Loved it. Cant waitx3

  2. 😈 I totally love these!! Cant wait till the new movie comes out!! Draco is gonna be so hott in the new movie!! Way to go Tom!!♥

  3. the top picture does look like he is a bit tired but dat is da screen from wen he says “i have to do this” so i tink he is sopposed 2 look like dat in order 2 show dat he really doesnt want 2 and he has ben confronting his feelings causeing him 2 have redder eyes..

  4. I think he`s definitely got something of a vampire in this movie. he looks pale and unhealthy actually! just like a model does…

    • totally out of the blue and really random but is your name actually jem,Jem? lol or is it jemma or jemima or something lol
      i know i know…totally random 🙄

  5. Just noticed: in the “I have to do this”-scene he no doubt looks like having a rough time but his hairstyle is impeccable!! :mrgreen: Reminds me of a certain shampoo advert…

  6. The moment he said “I have to do this” I was like – Oh Draco! I wanna give u a hug! – impeccably fantastic acting, as always. 🙂

  7. omfg! such hot pictures although the last one im sure not only me has seen more than once…but is that such a bad thing? 8)

  8. Tom certainly looks tired and I suppose ill but then he is supposed to have been though a rough time in this book :cry:and WB seem to have made it realistic and Tom has just made it better with his acting Congrats to everyone involved 😀

  9. i think he is always hotter in the harry potter movies,but he is ALWAYS hot/cute ❗ i cant WAIT 2 see the movie, i already know it is going to a box-office HIT!!
    especially with tom!!!
    u know, draco has always been my fave character, and i think tom has something to do with it!!

  10. Poor Draco 😥
    I cannot wait for this movie to come out!
    But while i am 🙁 i am preparing to cry….. saddest Hp movie yet.

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