25 thoughts on “Higher-quality HBP trailer now available, featuring Tom Felton

  1. I cannot put into words HOW excited I am for this movie, and for a chance to see Tom really get to flesh out Draco Malfoy.

  2. These trailers are getting better and better and more and more of Tom/Draco. I.m sure we are just going to love Tom in it.

  3. It’d be REALLY annoying if they didnt actually show Draco in all alot of scenes and decided to focus on Ginny/Harry or Lavender/Ron. That’d really cheese me off. For a scene by scene guide ( with some of the script ) go to mugglenet.com > Movies > Half-Blood Prince > Scene By Scene.

  4. 😯 ….AAAAHHHHHH! OMG ITS GONNA be the best movie ever! i can box office records already surpassing the 5th one. more non fans will be converted i bet. and i cant wait for the bathroom scene and the attacks on the muggle world but is that from the book? cos i dont remember.

  5. it looks great!! this 1 is most definatly going 2 b da best1 so far.. i would like 2 point out dat at da end of da trailer it says july 17 as for da release date but isnt it sopposed 2 b released da 15th..?

    • Yes ti was ment to be coming out in November last year

      but it was changed to july the 17

      now it’s been changed to july the 15

      im really

  6. The HQ version makes this trailer even more amazing. It gives me chills every time I watch it. The Katie Bell scene is way creepy. July is too far away *sigh*

  7. This is definitely the best one yet! Draco looks suitably tortured yet still determined and menacing. The scene were he is saying ‘I have to this’ gave me goosebumps! Sectumsempra is there too!!!!!! Yey!!!! I still don’t think it should have a PG rating though.

  8. Damn it—-this looks so good!

    I´m really glad that TOM got the time he deserved-show ’em Tom!
    Actually I wasn´t surprised that they made his role even bigger than in the book. If you really look at it (from a moviestandpoint) there´s not much you can really work with in the sixth book- and this time around that´s a really good thing, because it gives the director the chance to focus on the really important stuff- mainly Malfoy here.

    I´m glad they did.

  9. Wow! That was an ahmazing trailer! They finally got some more scenes of Tom Felton! I’m so excited [ like many others ] for this movie! It is definitely gonna rock the theaters!


  10. I NEED TO SEE THIS DAMN MOVIE!!!! XD i so teared up when i heard Draco say “I have to do this!” omg omg omg omg! ><

  11. WOW! Can’t wait! and tom look better in this movie (trailer) than those before! Well he look better each and everytime the movies come out!

  12. Tom Felton looks AHMAZING in the movie! He is awesome! :]

    His voice when he said: “I have to do this.”, was like..AHMAZING.[: <3

    I’m mad excited forr this movie! I know its gonna be a hit! :]


  13. ух! захватывающий тейлер! давно я таких не видела! Так уж и быть, схожу на фильм.Ведь это моя любимая книга из серии о Поттере.Думаю Том не подведет.

    Fascinating video! For a long time I such did not see! So and to be, I descend on a film. After all it is my favourite book from a series about Potter. I think Tom will not bring.

  14. Who did the voice belong to that was like, “In dark times, in times like these, it can bring people together or tear them apart.” Or something like that.

  15. i cant WAIT till it comes out i read all the books like, 5 times!!! 😀 and tom has more parts BONUS!!!!
    i LUV tom soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  16. i forgot to mention when he said ” i hav to do this” i got goosebumps, im just happy tom got the more film time that he deserves!!! 😛

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