53 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jade!

  1. weee! Happy Birthday Jade! You have Tom, so of course that’s all you need, but wishing you the best anyway! Hope you have the greatest of birthdays ever!

  2. Well since I OWN THE WORLD…. 🙄 😯 😈 8)

    Why do you want to know so badly that you can’t even wish the girl happy birthday, not even as a PS. “Who is Misha? Who is the owner of this site? PS. Happy Birthday.” But no. Anyway….

    PS> Happy Birthday, Jade!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  3. Hello Jade!


    Have a wonderful day with Tom, your family and your friends.

    Greetings from Germany

  4. Hello Jade,

    I wanted to impart my wisdom unattached to various-unmentionable-people. Okay, only one. Not that I’m pointing fingers.

    Moving along. Since you are now twenty-two, I can now tell you EVERYTHING you need to know once you hit the age of twenty-two. Don’t worry… It doesn’t matter that in twenty-two more years you’ll be forty-four, or in twenty two more years after that you’ll be the much feared cousin of the-evil-number 666, sixty-six, or in twenty-two years after that you’ll be eight-freaken-eight. That all doesn’t matter with my new book: “What to do when you’re twenty-two and freaking out that in three more years you’ll be half of a half a century.” Yes, the title really IS that long, like nineteenth century book titles. In the twenty-second century book titles are going to be a series of characters, like *&^%)^%%, and when you press on each of them it’ll give you tags about what the book is about. No more hastily titling your books. Harry Potter will be: *(){)^$ or Scar, Green eyes, red eyes, Wizard, rich-spoiled-brat-doesn’t-know-what-he’s-getting-into-blond-school-Nemesis.

    In any case, thank you for waiting to hear my wisdom: Ready, set, BREATHE. That’s it. Even if you think you’re getting old… Breathe. Because you’re not. Because when you turn Eight-eight, it’s probably going to be the new Twenty. And, when I was like twelve, I read that the older you get the better fill-in-the-blank you have… and also, you get more discounts at Dollar General. [which doesn’t only sell things for a dollar, contrary to popular belief by its misleading title. See, in the Twenty-second century, if the world isn’t infested with cockroaches, instead of having the lovely human infestation problem it’s having now, we will have titles for Dollar General that makes sense. %#.

    This long message is all so I could tell you ❓ 💡 ❗ ➡ :mrgreen: OR, in twenty-first century speak: Have a wonderful birthday, Jade! 😉 [Oops! Um, don’t interpret ” ;)” in twenty-second century speak… it’s a vulgar vulgar word.]

    I’m not going to tell you what they used to say in the nineteenth century, because, back then, it was a real blessing to live to twenty-two…[I mean… I got a HUGE party when I hit that age, then] so whatever I’m going to say will make you sound really old.

    If you read until the end, I commend you.

    With love,

    Your most annoying time-passing-by noise AKA Tick-Tock.

  5. *sing*
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday dear Jade
    Happy Birthday to You

    Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

    PS: Love the video, really great work, lilyginny! 😀

  6. Beautiful! I hope that your Birthday has been absolutely wonderful Jade, Tom, take good care of this girl, she’s wonderful!!!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADE! You’re a star!

    Wow Tick, that’s the longest Birthday greeting I have ever seen!

    What a great video Lily! lol

    • But it was an enjoyable birthday greeting, no? She deserves it… {that sounds like a punishment… my b-day greeting is not a punishment… it is a PRESENT}. Also… AH… Guelli. *shakes head*

  8. Aww, that was a beautiful video!! Happy Birthday Jade! I hope you have the best time.
    Also, GUYS!! i dont have a twitter acct so im hoping someone will PLEASE make sure Tom hears about this.

    • Did you try typing in the email address I gave you into a new message from your personal email account? That should work.

    lol u hav Tom so it’ll be gd. I wish i got a holiday 4 my birthday! if u see this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  10. Happy Birthday Jade!!!
    Joyeux anniversaire Jade!!
    Felice cumpleano Jade!!!!
    gioioso compleanno!!!
    I wish you many of the good things!

  11. Happy Birthday Jade

    Hope you have a lovely day spent with that lovely guy of yours.
    Who you let us share with you and we are grateful for but today
    he is yours only and hope you like our video done especially for
    you by lilyginny for us.

    Thanks LilyGinny you’ve done us proud and I am sure both Jade
    & Tom appreciate it.


  13. Such a sweet video! I know I am a day late, but yesterday I had to go to Washington DC, and came back really late… Anyways…. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, JADE! Hope you had a great day with Tom!

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