HBP Premiere Dates for New York, London, and Japan!

From SnitchSeeker:

We have just received confirmed word from Warner Bros that the Japanese premiere of Half-Blood Prince will take place on Monday, July 6, 2009. The date was first announced at a fan event that took place in Japan on April 19, after which we inquired on the date.

Warner Bros also states that this is the FIRST world premiere, and that two more will take place afterwards in London and New York. The London premiere will take place on Tuesday, July 7th, and the New York City premiere the next day, on July 8th.

At the moment we do not know which of the stars will be attending the Japanese premiere; that information will be made public closer to the July date.

6 thoughts on “HBP Premiere Dates for New York, London, and Japan!

  1. omg!! i cant believe it.. those r da jus a few of da days dat i dont have any conflictz!!
    is dis meant to be…i belive so..!
    da 5th-9th r da days i dont have any cnoflicts nd da dated lie right in de middle of dat!hooray!!

  2. Either country, either date, is a fine way to start the Summer. I still remember the OOTP flags dangling into the air, when I walked out once of Tôkyô’s metro, when I’ve travelled there, back in Summer 2007.

    With Love,


    夢か現か (;v ;)~~~~ ♥
    I’m expecting some wacky promotion (Japan teen related stuff without wackiness? Impossible). I can totally see Berryz/C-ute/AKB48 (jailbait cute girlbands) dressed as Hogwarts students. This would be awesome. It would gather all my fandom in one event.


  4. hi, we are anni and vani from germany, so please dont mind our bad english… we just want to tell you something: PLEASE CHANGE YOUR HAIRDO!! ><”
    we really really love you, but its… its… körperverletzung!! by the way: we are really looking forward to see te new movie here in germany.^^ and we would like to hear you singing there… 😀 but that will be a wish anyway, hm? T_______T”
    anni<3 and vani<3

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