Support Jade in the Race for Life Charity Event!

Tom has recently announced on his Twitter that Jade is going to be in the Race for Life 5K run! He gave us a link to her donations page and it would be great if all of us could support her with this.

Her goal was to raise 1000 pounds, and has surpassed it by a long shot thanks to all of the Tom and Jade supporters who have donated already!

Every little bit counts, so if you can donate please do!

9 thoughts on “Support Jade in the Race for Life Charity Event!

  1. Im sure Cas won’t mind if I repeat what she has already said but a huge thanks to those who have already donated to those who haven’t I am sure Tom & Jade appreciate any donation be it big or small but most of all to know that we love and support them in whatever they do


  2. Do it dont be shy this is an amazing way to show your support to Tom and Jade i am really looking forward to see the silliest fairy good luck Jade!!!!!! <3 😆

  3. I am even chronically ill (multiple sclerosis). My grandmother and aunt died both at cancer. Therefore I find Jades donation action simply great! I find research and support very important! 🙂

    Therefore I donated.


    • Annette:

      I too have MS and donated what I could to Jade’s run. Interesting how many of us out here have MS.


  4. My grandad died of Cancer and my auntie had it too!! So this cause is also very close to my heart!! .. Rooting for Jade all the way!!

    ( Am going to donate when i get home!! )

    Good Luck Jade – Know you can do it!! x x

  5. i can’t donate any money but i think jade does great work!!!my grandmother died by cancer,too so it’s very good to help these people cause every family has some members who has/had cancer…


  6. I have a 50% chance of getting cancer later on in life. What Jade’s doing is wonderful and I really hope that it helps in the research.
    Good luck Jade

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