27 thoughts on “Picture of Tom Felton with Daniel Radcliffe

    • i so agree with you…i really wish dan wouldn’t smoke…i don’t want him to ruin that beautiful smile of his…i don’t want him to die before i get to marry him…jk… :mrgreen: he is super hot 8)

    • Jade is Tom’s girlfriend. Tom kind of looks like Charlie Hunnam from “Sons of Anarchy” with his long hair, at least in this photo.

  1. Nice pic, Tom…
    I just don’t like to see Daniel smoking… I know he has the right to smoke, but I think he should quit.
    Love u guys,


  2. i luv how dan and tom act like dey dont want der pic taken but the ppl who dey r with r smilling at da camera…lmao!!

  3. 8) I totally disagree with some of the comments posted so far… any pic of tom looks great… sorry im a bit partial and obsessed!! Also I think Jade looks good here, here she looks more natural, youthful and pretty!! Was his stunt double hurt badly?? I hope not and hope he recovered realatively fast!! 😛

    • you mean dans stunt double? I read an interview with tom in witch he said, that dave would never be able to walk again…so actually, yes he was quiet badly injured, i`d say…
      i don`t have to rewrite that i, too, don`t like the fact that the two of them are smoking.

  4. This is my three favourite people altogether wish Dan didn’t smoke & Tom(I know he does) but they had all just been to see David and must have been upsetting for them but they all look good even Jade as her natural self looks good and Tom only ever seen a photo I haven’t liked all his photos are amazing!

    • Tom was inteviewed on the set at Gloucester and he is hiding a ciggy behind him as right at the end he goes to have a puff and it is cut and there are a couple of photos where he is smoking on the net

      • Yes, besides, doesn’t he say in “Right Place, Right Time” that he’s gone buying some cigarettes with Jade, before going to the Zoo? All of them are very natural in their reaction.

        With Love,


  5. To me this picture just makes me think that this is a poster for a british comedy just all the looks they have on their faces all of them look great though…
    but who is the fella in the hoodie next to dan?
    tom and jade look great 😀

  6. OMG! Dan smokes?! I didn’t know that! Nice pice. But everyone looks cold! They look like they don’t get enough sleep! 😕

  7. Why is smoking such a big friggin’ deal? 20% of Americans smoke, while around 25% of Brits smoke. Individuals can choose for themselves, right?

    • I agree. Why is everyone so surprised? because they r celebs? I mean I get wanting them 2 quit, maybe role models, but just chill!! I still love em

  8. I totally LOL at Daniel’s blank face… he’s just staring off into space! Hahahaha! XD

    And Tom’s face is like a cross between “eww” and “oh my God!!!” Jade and the other guy just look amused. I wonder what they were looking at… XDDD

  9. YES! Tom and Dan both smoke if you follow Feltbeats and Tom on Twitter this should be old news. It’s ironic that mo0st things that are fun and feel good are bad for you. Personally i’d rather die an early death than eat tasteless bland good for you food, not enjoy a cig with my morning coffee and never drink alcohol.

  10. Tom smokes too it is not just Dan. He is seen smoking on the TMZ vid from LA. There are also photos on the web of Jade smoking but she may have quit the photos looked like they were from a few years ago. I think a lot of people hate that they smoke because now a days there is so much information on the health risk. You would think that young people who want to save the planet and all that stuff like asking fans for donations for cancer fundraisers would not put a cancer trigger in their bodies. As someone who has lost many people to cancer due to smoking I hate when I see anyone smoke famous or not. I even cringe while I watch my favorite baseball players chew tobacco during a game 🙂

  11. Forgive me for being rude, but please back off of Dan and Tom smoking! It’s no big deal! There are plenty other things to worry about in life. Like over eating. Drinking. Doing drugs. Smoking POT – which is worse than smoking cigs, btw.

    That said, I’m sure they’re both appreciative for all of your concern, but in the end it’s their life and their body and most of all, THEIR choice.

    So again, PLEASE let it go. You think you’d be focusing on the fact that they just saw their friend in the hospital after a horrible accident. And if a cig calms them down, so be it.

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