“In Good Hands” Lyrics: When Angels Come

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When Angels Come


By Tom Felton


Your lips, your skin, your eyes, your hair

you don’t need no touching up. I don’t really care

for anything that covers up your beauty

‘cause what God gave you, gorgeous girl, is what will suit me.


And no diamond rings, necklaces and bangles.

Don’t look twice in the mirror, girl,

You’re great from all angles.


And when the angels take me from this world that I was born in,

I’ll say, “None of you look half as good as my girlfriend in the morning.”


And when angels come to take me from this world

I’ll say, “None of you look half as good as my girl.”


So wake up my sweetness, you know that it’s true,

make-up was designed for other girls to try and look like you.


For my gorgeous, my words no longer cautious,

you’re like a bottomless pit, completely flawless.

So watch me free falling head over heart.

Without doubt, the most beautiful piece of art.


So when my days are through,

I can say it was all for you.


So when the angels take me from this world that I was born in,

I’ll say, “None of you look half as good as my girlfriend in the morning.”


And when angels come to take me from this world,

I’ll say, “None of you look half as good as my girl.”


When the angals flit my face from this planet,

they’ll ask me where my heart is and I’ll say,


She has it…


She has it…


31 thoughts on ““In Good Hands” Lyrics: When Angels Come

  1. I knew that this song was a love song when I read the title! Tom really does have a way with words. He is just like me – a total romantic. *Two thumbs up*

  2. aaaaaaw, sweet. he could easily keep up with Fran Healy from Travis! they should write a song together! 😀

  3. Oh my god, I would KILL to have someone like that! Gosh Tom is such a sweet guy and wow she is soooooo lucky. That is one of the sweetest songs I’ve ever encountered…

  4. Awww….that’s about all I can say, they lyrics are beautiful. Honestly, I know I’m going to cry when I hear it for the first time. We love you Tom!

  5. Oh……..ewww….erm, I mean, excuse me—some of your songs are really nice……..BUT—-quite mushy too.

    I´m really not into that stuff.

  6. what can i say? i have been a fan of tom felton since the borrowers and anna and the king

    (“mother, what’s a concubine?” — best line in the movie)

    and look at him now! playing my favorite (and possibly the least appreciated) character in harry potter and writing/singing songs that melt me into a puddle on the carpet. absolutely beautiful.

  7. this is the sweetest song i have ever heard! i would die for a guy as sweet as tom! whoever this song was for she is the luckiest girl in the world! this song is my favorite song ever. i listen to it everyday(:

  8. i am going to cry that was so amazingg 😉 wow. If that was meant for me i would littarley fall on the floor crying of joy,wow. 🙂 he deffinatley is the sweetest man on the planet!

  9. i am stil in complete shock no words can describe how beautifuk and great that song is. holy macrol,i just fell in love with tom felton a little more and i already wrote a coment^^

  10. i totaly agree with all of you, every time i hear these song i could cry^^

    but @ the operators frome these website,there is a misspelling at:

    When the angals flit my face from this planet,they’ll ask me where my heart is and I’ll say,<< angels^^

  11. Tom just has a way to melt your heart. I truly wish that some guy would like me enough to write a song about me. But unlike Tom, a lot of guys don’t like that kind of emotional expression. When I heard this song, my heart soared and I went numb. No one can compare to the heart and soul that goes into his songs. If anything, Tom has a future in both the film and music world. Keep singing and good luck. We’re all behind you Tom.

  12. OMG I love this song. Tom is such an amazing artist! He’s not only one of my favorite actors, but also one of my favorite musicians! I have all of his songs on my iPod, but this one is the most played out of all of them. I’ve heard a lot of good songs, but sometimes there’s just no emotion behind them. When I listen to this song though, I can really hear the emotion in his voice when he sings it, and that’s the amazing thing. These are the things that a girl hopes a guy thinks about her, and they’ve been put into a beautiful song, which makes it a bonus. Tom, I say this honestly, you are an amazing actor and one of the best singers/guitar players I have ever listened to. Good luck writing more songs, I can’t wait to hear more AMAZING lyrics. 🙂

  13. my ex boyfriend I dedicate this song “When Angels Come” … then we fight and everything just between us, that night I heard that song and cry a lot because I missed him 🙁 🙁

  14. I have a few of his songs on my Zune and I listen to them every day! This justso happens to be my 2nd favorite. My absoult favotite is Convinved. Most the songs I have by him are love songs. With 2 execptions. Siohltues in Sunsets and In My Arms (its is about his guitars)

  15. Maybe you could edit the post title

    “In Good Hands” Lyrics: When Angels Come
    to something more catching for your content you write. I loved the the writing nevertheless.

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