News article about Tom Felton at Pirates Adventure charity event

Thanks to @Estrella89San we have our first news coverage of Tom’s charity trip to Majorca, Spain, for the Pirates Adventure show.

Here is a very, very terrible English translation of the Spanish article (got a better translation? E-mail me!).

At the beginning, passed unnoticed for the local, but swift press extended the voice that the malicious one Draco Malfoy of the film saga of Harry Potter, a rubito called Tom Felton, strolled next to its girl by the gardens of the hotel Meliá of Sea.

Actors and British actresses participated yesterday in the cocktail and in the dinner show –beneficial in this occasion– Pirated Adventure, exhibition promoted by TUI, in order to collecting an important quantity in favor of the sick children of cancer that remain hospitalized in the Great Ormond Street Hospital of London. The celebrities and the British press lodge free in the Melià of Sea.

Some families and a two-week period of children of the hospital they are lodged also in other hotels of the zone. At 18 o’clock, all they, a group from among seventy and eighty people, they were found in a cocktail that was offered in the establishment of Illetas. There, the children and its families could undertake to the famous. Among them: Tom Felton, Pauline Quike, Sue Cleaver, Steve McFadden, Sheila Fergusson, Claire Sweeney, Duncan Pow, Danny Husbands, Richard Arnold, Amanda Mealing, Joe Swash, Kara Tointon, Cheryl Fergison, Katy Cavanagh or Claire Young. At 19,30 o’clock, all the delegation was transferred to the club of the pirates of Magalluf, that managed to collect 70,000 euro with the entrances that were sold above all to the British community of the island and that each year participates in this initiative. In five years, has come a fund of 400,000 euro meet. Yesterday they were sold a total of 750 tickets by a value of 50 euro each one. The director of Sustainable Development of Sun Meliá, Federico Martínez-Carrasco, emphasized the commitment that maintains the Majorcan hotel chain with the infancy, above all as for projects related to the education and the health.

10 thoughts on “News article about Tom Felton at Pirates Adventure charity event

  1. “A rubito called Tom Felton” is really cracking me up. I have no idea what it means, but it is wonderful! I love free translations, they are priceless.

    We should put all of the articles on through a translation service from now on. Yes/yes?

  2. LOL I love the ‘robito called tom’ part !! I hope he reads this – he’ll never get over it ! rofl

  3. I’m sending you a different translation. I’d post it myself, but I’d rather wait and see if you get an even better one elsewhere.

    So much happened after I went to bed last night…

  4. What did you do? Use Google? lol.

    I could probably translate it better than Google (though haven’t read all of the Spanish version yet, so there may be words I don’t know), so if you don’t find a better one soon, let me know. 🙂


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