Tom Felton interviewed by students in Majorca, Spain

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Harry Potter’s “bad guy” with the children

Actor Tom Felton is interviewed by Queen College de Palma’s students

Young Tom Felton, who plays the role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, is spending the weekend in Majorca with his girlfriend, Jade Gordon. Both attended the charity gala last night at the Meliá de Mar Hotel, in Illetes, in a fund-raising action to help the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The day was particularly special for twelve children of Queens College, between the ages of 8 and 10. They were previously chosen in a contest by the Majorca Daily Bulletin, an English Newspaper.

The students played journalists and discovered that the movie’s “bad guy” is not really that bad. ‘Actually, – confessed Tom – I’m really good.’ Another cause for excitement of the little ones was Tom’s opinion about the book author, JK Rowling, who declared she would not write another Harry Potter Book. ‘It’s a real shame,’ he said, ‘because I think the next movie, which debuts next month, is the best of the six that have been released.’

Tom also introduced us his girlfriend Jade Gordon, who was raised in Majorca and whose parents own a house in the Porto Adriano area.

Besides Tom, there was another great actress at the party, Amanda Mealing, who starred in “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, and starred in various famous sitcoms in the United Kingdom.

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7 thoughts on “Tom Felton interviewed by students in Majorca, Spain

  1. Thank you so much for the translation. It’s very nice to learn more about Jade’s background, it really is. As well as Tom’s feelings regarding the end of the Harry Potter series, for that’s how I’m feeling myself. Thanks.

    With Love,


  2. i totally argee with sam about learning more about jade. but she (jade) s not really something like half spanish, is she? 🙄

  3. Nice article, cant wait to hear more about it. I’m guessing Jade lived their at some point because of her parents work or something.

  4. dono y dis guy sooo admired he sings funny so normal annoyingly nice that shouts 2 the world how much he has fallen head over heels with his gf it’s pathetic and unreal

  5. i have to admit that they are the most perfect couple i have ever seen!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Awww…they are so adorable together :mrgreen:

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