New pictures of Tom Felton and Jade in Spain

QUEM just posted this picture of Tom and Jade while in Majorca, Spain for the Pirates Adventure premiere charity event.

Thanks to numerous translators, here is a nice translation of the article, from Portuguese:

Tom Felton from “Harry Potter” kisses girlfriend in Spain.

The villain Draco Malfoy enjoys a vacation in Majorca with [Jade] Gordon.

Tom Felton was spotted enjoying a romantic vacation in Majorca, Spain. The actor who plays villain Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” franchise made use of the summer in the northern hemisphere to travel with girlfriend, [Jade] Gordon.

Thanks to Estrella89San for finding this!

108 thoughts on “New pictures of Tom Felton and Jade in Spain

  1. I♥you! warum hast du eine freundin.. ): I♥you!… über alles!!!…du bist mein leben!!!!!!!!!!!!…ich will dich treffen ,umbedingt !!! I♥you!

  2. TOM!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! you can’r do that!!
    oh fucking lord, i HATE that bitch! i’m loads better than that anorexic bitchy whore! sorry if that hurt you Tom, but she hurt me more than this…..
    oh shit God, i HATE HER!!
    Die Jade DIE

    • Now really, I think you’re getting a bit out of hand there. Everyone’s entitled to be happy with the person they care about.

      Look at the other fangirlish comments on this page. Tom couldn’t possibly date EVERY single fan that posts desperate comments like this.

      There’s 6 billion people in the world. That means that there is a lot of guys who might just be as nice as Tom. So instead of screaming at a photograph on your computer screen; go and find one of them.

  3. TOM!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! you can’t do that!!
    oh fucking lord, i HATE that bitch! i’m loads better than that anorexic bitchy whore! sorry if that hurt you Tom, but she hurt me more than this…..
    oh shit God, i HATE HER!!
    Die Jade DIE

  4. Neetika – that is just such a horrible thing to say.

    Tom – you and Jade look great together.

    To anyone else who has said why does he have a girlfriend – You only have to look at him, he is totally gorgeous, how could someone that sexy not have a girlfriend.

  5. i know this is sudden but will you marry me?
    i hate seeing you with that tramp of a girlfriend!
    by the way im just using my buds email address.


    • Seriously, this is pathetic.

      Not only are you very out of line for refering to his girlfriend as a “tramp” but it’s just saddening to think that so many girls will sit, typing these comments in hope that it’ll make Tom want them.

      You’d be better off finding yourself a nice guy that you actually know, because I don’t think Tom will ever leave Jade for a fan. He clearly loves her.

      Oh, and using you’re friends email adress? That’s just about as good as actually USING your friends. Wow, some mate you are.

  6. I think they are PERFECT COUPLE. I hope their relationship will last!!! I always love blonde-brunette couple it’s like pureblood-mudblood couple (lollololol), it’s really cute :> Congrats Tom & Jade, i love you both *hugs&kisses*

  7. noway im so saaad )==
    tom can’t have a gf its not fair cause i love him ♥ 🙁
    but gotta say, that they are cute together.. <: 🙁

  8. I Won’t let this happen =(( But i can’t coz i’m not that popular !! where could i speak to him ?!?! Jade wouldn’t ruin harry potter and the deathly hallows starting this 2010 and the part two is in 2011and it’s the last harry potter film !! tom and jade is not fit for celebrity couples !! Tom pls stay single =)) stay single =))

  9. Wow people come on yes Tom is very hott and he’s a great guy but death threats to an innocent girl? Come on now what are we in middle school? Jealousy is not a pretty color on you ladies so stop with the nasty comments the only reason you would say such things is for one you may not be as pretty as her and to help yourselves you cut at her calling her whore, bitch, anorexic excuse her for takign care of herself everyone deserves to be happy and no amount to disgraceful comments are going to make Tom think any differently from his girl friend sorry to burst your bubbles

  10. Leave him alone!
    If he is happy with her, be happy for him!
    Some of the things said on here are disturbing, stupid and annoying.
    Fan girls are awful haha.
    Tom – Your GF is beautiful, congrats 🙂

  11. LOL if you guys REALLY loved him you would be happy, ‘cuz as long as he’s happy, you should be happy that he’s happy. Also, you don’t know the girl(Jade, was it?) so stop judging her.. and BTW she won’t ruin HP7 ‘cuz they had to have Draco have a wife anyway so if it wasn’t gonna be her then it was gonna be some other chick. At least he knows this girl.

  12. Hey Girlfriends…i hope you won`t worried about me but i love Jade Olivia Gordon that she so Fuking hot ohhh cute life….not be hate my jade.

    • Hi Tom Felton, i miss you,oh you just my mate secret sexy,shut up girls won`t be stupid crazy about him,uh mwahhh u tom felton. Your Jade.♪

  13. Man.. you need to get over it girls… as if he even knows you exist…. go for someone you can actually get … like the boy down the road
    get a life
    peace out west side WS

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