Tom Felton attends “Art Against Knives” charity auction

Tom Felton attends charity auction

Tom Felton (accompanied by girlfriend Jade Olivia) tonight attended the Art Against Knives charity auction at Shoreditch House in London, England. Fellow Harry Potter actor Dan Radcliffe was also in attendance.

Also, check out Tom’s new haircut. =)

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Source: Snitchseeker

16 thoughts on “Tom Felton attends “Art Against Knives” charity auction

  1. I like this haircut.

    The shorter hair stands good to him, but with longer hair he has looked also very good. 😉

  2. He looks great in this pic! I think he looks better with shorter hair (like this) than with longer hair. Hopefully we’ll get to see more pics from this event! :mrgreen:

  3. well i think, that jade is looking great is not news to me(whats her name now? gordon or olivia????)…
    i agree with sam. either long or short hair suits him. 😉

  4. ah! the happy couple once again. ^_^ love Jade’s outfit btw. the boots give it that whole yeah i’m a girl but i can still kick your ass. lol XP and Tom’s converses rock. ><

  5. Hey! He should be the next Dr Who dressed like that w/ Jade as his side kick.
    Sorry, I think it’s the shoes and jacket – makes him look like Dr Who, or is it just me… ❓

  6. His new shorter haircut looks much better on him, so much more fashionable and hipper :mrgreen:
    The longer hair was cute for awhile but I really love the shorter!

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