Update on “Grace & Danger,” a planned World War II movie in which Tom Felton is involved

Work is progressing on the World War II drama, “Grace and Danger,” in which Tom Felton is set to play an American soldier named Carnaby. The movie was previously called “Cold Blood Kill” and has been covered on Feltbeats.com previously:

The director and co-writer, Rhys Hayward, has just informed Feltbeats.com that everything is going well with the movie, and they are still actively engaged in the funding process! I know Tom is really excited about this movie so this is great news!

Rhys was also kind enough to share with us some prototype music written for the movie from composer Steve Lemaire. This is purely a synthesized version of part of the score.

Copyright Steve Lemaire, used with permission

Thanks Rhys!

Keep watching Feltbeats.com for more information as soon as we get it!

10 thoughts on “Update on “Grace & Danger,” a planned World War II movie in which Tom Felton is involved

  1. Wow.. I have no doubt that a movie with this kind of music will be great… And of course Tom will play in it, so god! even more things to look forward to!!!


  2. It sounds kinda of sad but amazing i cant wait to see it and hear toms american accent woo hoo 🙂 Peace out girl scouts ♥ bri

  3. wow..its so powerfully sad.. cant imagine the trechery thet will happen in the movie.. ud think that the name would say it all and then u hear this!! Goodness..can we atleast say that Tom lives in this 1!! plzzz..!!!!!!!!! {=^v

  4. hey. the music is awesome. Be intresting to hear toms american accent. Sounds like an awesome movie. The score is amazing. bet the finished one will be awesome. Good luck with the film Tom. (L)(K)

    xoxo :mrgreen: 😛

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