Old footage of little Tom Felton behind the scenes of “The Borrowers”

Here is old footage of Tom Felton during filming of “The Borrowers” in 1997. His first movie!

Tom posted the following in the comments below:

yes i just saw it for the first time! so embarrassing! thanks 4 digging it up! it is quite funny x

Thanks to TheCheetahMonkey for posting this and Feltbeats Admin Cazilla for finding it!

30 thoughts on “Old footage of little Tom Felton behind the scenes of “The Borrowers”

  1. omg, he’s still the same^^ the way he talks and moves…
    everytime i watch him in his movies, i marvel at him and his acting. he’s got adorable talent. he was professional at the age of 9 such as he is professional now.

    he plays with naturalism and certain seriousness. you trust him in every moment and this is something what many actors don’t have.

    he’s not just an actor. he’s THE ACTOR.

    with incredible talent.

  2. He’s adorable! I can not find the right word to really say it!.
    But OMG!
    His voice is so freak’n cute!
    And when he wore that cap! He’s like a perfectly drawn cartoon! So cute! 😳 😛

  3. I love him in The Borrowers
    and I did not even know that was him.
    But after Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    I look him up the Internet and I was like OMG!!!
    I’m going to watch The Borrowers tonight.
    And yes he is so cute!!! 😀

  4. lol! I had to go to mom’s and bust out the old vhs tape when I saw this! Hmm, now to locate the vcr in storage to watch it! How fun, I loved this movie when I was young and I wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized Tom Felton was the wee little Peagreen Clock!

  5. Awwwwwwwwww he was so adorableee! soo sweeet! never saw this before thaaaank yoouu! everytime i see tat movie can’t stop saying “awww” or “look how sweet” and things like that! my brothers hate when i do it.

    • Ohh…he’s such a cute little kid.
      i am sooo jealous of his accent
      !!!!! I’m from the U.S. and nobody has british accents, although i can impersonate a very good one. I can’t believe that he was such a good actor when he was only nine!! Keep up the good work Tom!!!

  6. “and i have a chinchilla… called staaanley.”
    haha THE cutest thing i’ve seen in a long time.
    i was just watching the borrowers yesterday.
    hehe mark williams…

  7. “its very squishy, i luv to squish it around” ..LMAO -awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn… so cute!!!! he is so little and absolutely ADORABLE!!! “i luv to eat, alot” hahaha..i hear yah dog!! soo cute!! }&^D

    • unfortunately so didn`t I. But I`d love to. I looked for at at amazon.de, but it`s horribly expensive! no1can pay that. 😥

  8. this wa too precious!!! XD he was adorable! i didn’t realize he was Peagreen until i looked up his filmography a couple years back. when i found out i was like “oh snap! it’s Tom!” lol oh i love this so much. Made my day.

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