Tom Felton answers a few questions regarding his new album, “In Good Hands”

I’ve just gotten a few answers to some fan questions about Tom’s new album, “In Good Hands.” The album, released last week on both and iTunes, contains six new original songs – all written and performed by Tom Felton.

Any more questions? Post them below!

(NOTE: These questions were asked and answered via Twitter, thus the brevity, which is normally quite uncharacteristic of both of us!) “You’re like a bottomless pit, completely flawless.” A play on words with flawless and floorless? If so, kudos! Very funny!

Tom Felton: Bottomless pit/flawless line is right – thanks for noticing!

FB: “Father of Mine” – Has your dad heard it?

TF: Dad has not heard song yet! Will play soon.

FB: On “That’s Alright” – Is that a freaking ukulele? Who else could pull off uku-freaking-lele rap but you? LOL.

TF: Yes, that is a ukulele and a sped up guitar together.

FB: “Convinced” – The second line sounds like “And I hoped you won’t be written me.” But I don’t think that’s right.

TF: Lyric is “hope you won’t be rinsing me” (as in, making fun of me).

FB: We Belong – “fall in love in a caravan” – What’s that mean? Also, is the next line “underneath venetian stars”?

TF: Jade and I first started to get to know each other in my dressing room (a caravan/trailer outside) [while filming “Harry Potter”] and we went to Venice soon after.

FB: “Conversation with a lady in the waiting room” – Does this have to do with a particular visit to the hospital?

TF: Random lyric; no relevance! Hope that answers them roughly!

Lastly, Tom answered another fan’s question on Twitter that there are no backup singers on “Convinced.” It’s just him.

Thanks to Tom for answering our questions! =)

23 thoughts on “Tom Felton answers a few questions regarding his new album, “In Good Hands”

  1. Question for Tom:

    Will you produce more songs with a rap feel like in “All Right” or was that a one-time thing?

  2. I have a question, it’s not about the album tho’…

    Q: What’s the worst (most embarassing) song you have on your ipod?

    • What a question. `Cause he does. why would he twitter his fans if didn`t love us? I guess he a way. 😀
      Correct me, if I´m wrong.

  3. My question for Tom: I noticed that the song All Right seems…a lot different than your others. IS there a reason? Will you make anymore like it?

  4. Ok, just to be honest with u,tom,(I´m so sorry to say this) but i don`t like the rap. But I love “father of mine”! good job! Go on.

  5. My absolute favorite song of all time is now “When Angels Come.” So romantic! And I think it’s hysterical that he has a song with the word vomit in it. LOL! I have to agree with the previous poster that I don’t really care for the rap, but I really like the others.

    Thanks for the questions/answers!

  6. I think “If that’s alright with you” is good but without the rap part cause it has a great sound without that. But again this is only what I think.

    Like the previous comment “When Angels come” is my favourite one, listening to it all the time.

    But I was looking for the lyrics of convinced and I can’t find them when opening the song part of the website… Am I really blind or are they somewhere else? I’ll keep searching but if some could tell me 🙂

    Thanks for the questions/answers it’s good to have some explanations 🙂

  7. I hope your Dad hears Father of mine and everything works out for you.
    My Favourite song along with Is that alright with you wasn’t sure at first but love it now

  8. Can we ask Tom for the complete lyrics to his songs? I think you have created a rough draft just from listening, but they don’t all make sense or seem correct.

  9. Tom is such a talented guy. ^_^ i still need to go listen tho those songs though. ^.^’ at least i’ll have an easy-understand guide while i listen.

  10. You play all the instruments on your songs Right . How do you do it record each instrument separately and then mix them yourself ?

  11. what was jade doing in his dressing room in harry potter? i dont understand. jade is a model right? was she in harry potter or something?

  12. I Think you Musikk is Just Awesome, Good Work with that, Dose you dog timber Like your Musikk? Love that you make a song for you Dad. How Sweet.How do you mixes his Songs? XXX

  13. Question for Tom:
    Are you going to be doing anymore rap songs? I really liked “If That’s Alright With You” it’s different from your other songs. 🙂

  14. Hey, feltbeats’s fans!
    So… Tom (or mister Felton, as you like, I never know how to call an ), I have a question, but I know there’s not a lot of chance that you’ll read it one day. Did… did you ever, one day, for an obscur reason, fell taht you’re not at your place, that you are living the life of someone else? Please, if, if one day, you open this webpage, answer me. I’m in a little existencial crisis

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