13 thoughts on ““13 Hours” movie poster, featuring Tom Felton, released online

  1. Whoa! I almost didn’t recognize him! Though, it looks very interesting! When is it coming out, again?

  2. WOW i was so shocked to see him in it! he looks so different then HBP! i cant wait to see him in hbp and 13 hrs and the disappeared too! i love him!! 😯 😛

  3. Wow, this poster is so awesome, made me cheer up because of Tom. I always recognized that look he always has. :mrgreen: 😆 😯 🙂 8) 😀 😛

  4. WOAH!! I am totally looking forward to that! Tom, as always, looks awesome! Movie looks great;can’t wait to see it!


  5. you look a bit like eminem,really! and the poster looks scary, but I think I`m stil gonna watch this movie! 😀

  6. I wanna see this film. Hope it will be on general release at the cinemas than The Disappeared was still waiting to it.
    The poster is so cool !!!!

  7. Watched the trailer… its something that i would watch, along with the Disappeared… cant wait to watch it!!! although, i think im afraid to say, i might have to wait till it comes out on DVD 🙁 ….

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