Drama Magazine Editor says, “Tom Felton is a star!”

As we announced a few weeks ago, Tom Felton has completed a photo shoot with Drama Magazine that will be out sometime this month, available via the iTunes app store.

Specializing in fashion and performance, DRAMA Magazine showcases the hottest stars in fashion, film, music theater, television and dance. Members of the DRAMA team have worked with Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Dazed & Confused and i-D Magazine to name just a few, so expect to see the very best in luxury fashion photography.

At the moment DRAMA magazine is the first-ever magazine in the world on the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. There will also be a limited edition print version towards September time.

Tom’s photographer, Ram Shergill, is the Editor-in-Chief of Drama Magazine and a well-known fashion photographer in the industry. Ram has shot some of his best work exclusively for DRAMA and was very excited to work with Tom.

“Tom’s shoot was one of the most iconic shoots I have ever done,” Ram said. “He is AMAZING and the photos will prove how Tom’s acting and performance abilities are beyond the realms of Film and Fashion. The boy is a STAR!”

Ram said Tom’s shoot was massive and will encompass 10 to 12 pages in the magazine – mostly because it was so hard to choose photos for the final edit. “It’s so hard because every image of him is amazing!” Ram said, but he would not give details of the theme because it would ruin the surprise.

Ram was also very impressed with Tom’s professionalism in front of the camera. “I have worked with many great celebrities and actors such as Amy Winehouse, Alex Pettyfer, Dominic Cooper; Tom is unique in the fact that he is a true talent in front of the camera… a true performer and he really gets into the part of the role.

“He is so passionate about his art. I see a very big future for Tom, as he has talent in abundance.”

I see a very big future for Tom, as he has talent in abundance.

– Ram Shergill, Drama Magazine Editor-in-Chief

The photo shoot was taken outside in Ram’s garden on the river, and Ram said the crew felt as though Tom had brought the sun with him. “It was a fantastic day,” he said. “It was a really fresh day and we were just soaking in the rays of the sun!”

There were also some shots taken as the sun was setting, Ram said. “We did lots of great shots as the sun was setting outside. The Drama of the shoot in the studio was getting more and more intense, the music becoming more and more overpowering and Tom was getting his first taste of what DRAMA magazine is all about.

“The Tom Felton Drama shoot is something definitely not to be missed if you are a fan or not. Tom IS PURE DRAMA!”

Tom’s issue of Drama Magazine will be available sometime in May through the iTunes app store. Watch Feltbeats.com for more information as we get it!

25 thoughts on “Drama Magazine Editor says, “Tom Felton is a star!”

  1. omg!! that is the best articles i have ever read in the history of articles!! haha..maybe we might have a new member joining us on her *cough*Ram*couch* LMAO!!
    does any 1 know how those of us can veiw the issue if we dont have an i-pod touch or an i-phone, and cant get 1?? i really want 2 veiw it but i cant get either 1!!!

  2. I want to second what “friend” said…anyone know how to view the magazine if one doesn’t have an iPhone or iTouch? Can it be d/l and viewed in Quicktime, perhaps?

    I’m pretty excited to see the pictures!

    • You should be able to buy the magazine at a book store that sells Drama. It may be a hard to find mag, but you should still be able to get your hands on it.

  3. Of course we knew this already. That’s why we’re here! Haha! So glad the rest of the world is finding out!

  4. Sounds like it’s going to be amazing! Wishing I had an iPod touch now, lol. I’m definitely going to buy a limited edition print version when it comes out in September. 😀

  5. People are starting to realise what we’ve known from the beginning: TOM IS AWESOME AT WHAT HE DOES, LOL XD 😀

    Won’t have an iPhone for a while, but I’m buying the print copy, definitely! 😀


  6. Well I was excited to see the pictures of the shoot before, but now I’m just giddy about it. Hoping it’ll be out soon. 🙂

  7. oooooo I am soooo looking forward to this!! Shame I don’t have an iPod touch… surely there must be another way of viewing the magazine? Online or something? The photoshoot seems sooo interesting!

  8. Wow, that’s a huge spread for just one person. Can’t wait to see it. You guys could dl it for free in iTunes. You don’t need one to get it.

  9. this is gonna be GREAT!!!! XD sooo CANNOT wait for these pics! so exciting! >< and it’s great to hear that Tom is admired by so many people. i’d like to see him in action some day. watching him work the camera andsuch. awesomeness! =D

  10. I love fashion and i love tom(in a different way than his irlfriend of cours! not to worry, dear jade!) and i just have to get an issue of that magazine or I´m gonna die!!

  11. okay! now i must see this! can’t wait!
    I’m depending on feltbeats.com for the pic now. OrTomon Twitter.com!
    Ithink I’n\m kinda cheap watin for others to do the workthen look at it! :mrgreen:

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