Feel Better Soon, Tom Felton!

UPDATE:Tom is now at home and resting!

Also, he posted a thank you in the comments below:

thank you all very much!
in pain but all your nice words made me feel much better 🙂
lots of love 2 all

Thanks, Tom!

– Misha

UPDATE: Tom, and his girlfriend Jade, have updated his Twitter account to let everyone know he’s OK!

Jade also sent an e-mail to us to let everyone know that he’s doing fine. It was a serious operation and he was lots of pain afterward (and was refusing to get stuck with needles for pain medication! – typical boy!), but he will be much better now that his evil teeth are gone. He’ll spend the night in the hospital tonight and Jade will be able to go and get him tomorrow.

Here’s hoping he has a miraculous recovery with no pain tomorrow. =) Get well soon, Tom!

And thanks, Jade, for taking such good care of him! =)

– Misha

via Tom’s Twitter account:

On the way to the hospital, thanks for your kind words. x 

Reading magazines and watching tv in the hospital bed, Jade bought me a teddy and now the nurses are looking at me strangely! lol  

I may be 21 but a teddy makes good comfort when you’re scared of needles and hospitals!x


As you have your wisdom teeth extracted, we at Feltbeats.com would like to wish you a speedy recovery with plenty of pain erasers, pampering, and ice cream.  We hope this brings you just as much comfort. *huggles*



Feel better soon, Tom!   Thanks, Jade 🙂

With much love,
the Feltbeats.com Admin’s and members of the Feltbeats Army
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34 thoughts on “Feel Better Soon, Tom Felton!

  1. The video is great. This was a nice idea of you. Tom will be glad about it certainly very much. 😀

    Get well soon, Tom! 😀

  2. I hope you feel so much better.
    And know that we all care for you even If we are miles apart. And not just me everbody!! 😀

  3. Well done Lilyginny you’ve done us proud

    Get Well soon Tom and hope you will feel better very soon
    Love to you too Jade we know he’s ‘In good hands’

    Love Tina (Toms Girl)

  4. Try Not To Worry To Much Jade 🙂
    Get Well Soon Tom!! … Your Two Special Girls,All Of Us & Your Teddy Bear Will Take Care Of You!!

    Love Daisy x x (daisyharrisx)

    • He has just had an operation & had he’s 4 wisdom teeth removed. He has just come out of the operation and is now sleeping the anasthetic off.

  5. 😯 Guys, Is my pic on the video? I can’t watch it here and My name isn’t in the list… 🙁 If it isn’t i will send to tom via twitter 😆

  6. You made a mistake it’s:
    “i may be 22 but a teddy makes good comfort when your scared of needles and hospitals!x”

    if you reread Tom said 22 not 21.
    Double check next time.
    I’m not trying to be mean or anything. 😳

  7. Hopefully in the morning he’ll be up for some get-well-video watching. 🙂 And I hope he’ll feel MUCH better after seeing it. 😀

  8. Maybe we should get people to send in their favorite smoothie recipes???
    seeing as that’s all he’ll be eating for the next few days he might as well be able to change it up a bit! Strawberry Smoothies get very boring after the first half day.

  9. no worries, tom. you’ll be up and tweeting like crazy again in no time! look on the up sides. you get to eat tons of ice cream, get to lay in bed, and you have a beautiful at home nurse to take care of you! good luck to you! (and to jade. i’m sure she needs it.) LOL

  10. Awww bless. Sorry this probs sounds insensitive – but I don’t understand the fear of needles?
    I’m sure after a good nights rest he will recover in no time. Recovering from anesthetic always makes everything seem much worse.
    Love and hugs to Jade and Tom!

    Great job LilyGinny! Fab vid!

  11. thankyou all very much!
    in pain but all your nice words made me feel much better 🙂
    lots of love 2 all

  12. It looks super good and i like the music you picked to lol : ) XX And if that is toms response then YAY lol glad he liked it : ) XX

  13. nice vid!. good thing that he Liked it. weLl. get weLl soon TOM!. && JADE take good care of him. we’re aLl here for the two of you. Lots of Love. ♥♥♥

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