Matt Lewis discusses Tom Felton’s music, Twitter, and table tennis skills

In a three part interview given to, Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom) of the Harry Potter series had a few choice and wonderful words to say about our own Tom Felton.

On Tom’s table tennis skills against fellow cast member Emma Watson:

Hers [Emma’s] and Tom Felton’s games used to be epic, the thing of legend.

On playing the guitar and (hopefully) jamming with Tom:

Well, I started playing about 6 months ago, so I’ve not had chance to jam with Tom yet, but he’s incredible; I’ve watched him on YouTube. His melodies and lyrics are quality, I’ll definitely be jamming with him this year, if he’ll let me!

And concerning Tom on Twitter:

Recently Tom Felton and I have been having a really good laugh together. Could be the Twitter connection, I dunno, but he’s a funny guy, very charismatic, always got something to say.  I like that.

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To read some of Matt’s own tweets, or to follow a conversation if he and Tom strike another one up again, you can follow Matt Dave Lewis on Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Matt Lewis discusses Tom Felton’s music, Twitter, and table tennis skills

  1. Epic! the thing of Legend! haha!
    what a way to describe Emma and Toms matches. Anyone videoed a match by any chance??? 😀

  2. A very kind fellow indeed, this Matt. It would be good to see a match between Tom and Emma, sounds like they’re having fun together. I love the way he’s summoning Tom up, as well.

    With Love,


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