More coverage from Tom Felton’s “Magical Majorca Weekend” has obtained some scans of local newspaper coverage during Tom Felton’s trip earlier this month to Majorca for the Pirates Adventure charity premiere event held to benefit the Great Ormond Street Hospital for children.

With Tom’s help, the Pirates Adventure charity premiere event was able to bring their total gift to the hospital over the 500,000 euros mark!

The main article about Tom reads as follows:

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PIRATES and The Bulletin conjured up a real magic moment for the students from Queens College and the Pauline Quirke Academy when they came face to face with some of their favorite stars yesterday. Harry Potter star Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy was quizzed for more tha 30 minutes by 11 students from Queens College.

The first question referred to the unpleasant nature of the character that Felton plays in the Harry Potter films. “Do you believe that the role you have played as Draco Malfoy has stereo-typed you as an actor?”

“Please don’t believe I can play a nice guy,” he responded. Asked if from an acting point of view, he struggled to play a “bad character” Felton said “it’s much easier playing someone nasty. Playing the good parts, and being convincing about it, is more demanding.” He spoke however, in answer to a question on how his life hand changed after filming started, of some unpleasant experiences when he first took up the role of Harry Potter’s arch enemy at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Some children confused fiction with fact and assuming that Felton was in real life as odious as the bully he plays, just didn’t want to know him. The actor has since given a high profile to an anti-bullying campaign.

One of the children asked Felton if he could relate any funny anecdotes from his time on the set of the Harry Potter films. He told of a scene where the director had asked him to follow closely behind the character of Severus Snape played by actor Alan Rickman who wore long black wizarding robes. Felton recalls how several times he trod on the hem causing Rickman great discomfort.

Asked if he could choose to be another character in the Harry Potter films, Felton said that he would like to play the part of Lucius Malfoy, his father on the screen. However, another student wanted to know if he thought that this same character would make a good prime minister, and Felton answered: “No, he’d be a bit too selective and act more like a dictator than a democratic leader.”

The children asked if Felton would like to act on stage and although he acknowledged he would, he claimed it would have to be for fun. With others wanting to know if he would recommend acting to other young people, Felton said yes he would but an acting career shouldn’t be embarked on with high expectations. “Skills,” said the actor, “develop naturally.”

Responding to a question on what he was planning once the filming of the entire Harry Potter series was complete, Felton said that after some “time out” he would like to consider doing something musical in the film world. He is not, he confirmed to another student, going to make a career out of fisheries management which he had once expressed an interest in doing. “I might keep that as a hobby,” he said.

Our thanks to Queens College, Tom Felton and the Melia del Mar hotel.

4 thoughts on “More coverage from Tom Felton’s “Magical Majorca Weekend”

  1. I have never actually seen where he has said before – in print – that he is not going to study the fishery degree next. It’s good to see it for real and also see he hopes to go on with films and music.

    ps. you all sent him some nice get well gifts, that’s great!

  2. have never actually seen where he has said before – in print – that he is not going to study the fishery degree next.

    So didn’t I, into an interview realized at the OTP release. Still have the magazine issue in store. He’s given very insightful answers to those kids. He’s shown that he’s wiser beyond his years, as I’ve always thought.

    With Love,


    P.S: All my apologies for double-posting. I did a mistake, sorry!

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