New Tom Felton scenes in third Half Blood Prince TV spot

UPDATE: Screenshots available in our photo gallery.

A third Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince TV advert has aired tonight on ABC and Fox (in the US) for the first time, and it has new scenes with our own Tom Felton!  There is a continuation of the Astronomy Tower sequence, Draco (Tom Felton) being followed down a hallway, and a close-up panorama shot of Tom somewhere in Hogwarts.

As higher quality images become released, will keep you updated.

The official TV spot has not been released by the WB yet, but one enterprising fan had their camera going.  Watch while you can.  Thanks to Snitchseeker for finding it so quickly!

UPDATE: New high-quality version from

Video Source: Snitchseeker and

18 thoughts on “New Tom Felton scenes in third Half Blood Prince TV spot

    that was amazing!!! and did u see harry and ginny are actually kissing… not just closing in to each other! and bella and draco!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. aaaaw that face! He looks so sad! Hes really an amazing actor! you really can feel Draco’s pain and angst in the movie! goooosh, I want to see the movie!! can’t wait til july! i think i’m going to be saying “aawww” and “oooh nooo” and “oooh poor Draco” in every scene that involves tom!

  3. I LOVE it! I saw the first advert for it on tv tonight and screamed loud enough to bring my kids running from the other end of the house! =D I’m just doing a constant ‘omgomgomg’ jig in my head now. HURRY UP & PASS TIME!!! =D

  4. looks great and rly great in the better quality version! i love his facial rly explains more of the story doesnt it!! like draco isnt happy with his job and he doesnt want 2 do it but others r in the way and forcing him 2 try and go through with it.. it shows alot of scared faces and nervous/sad/dissapointed faces of dracos and i find that quite interesting. looks like it has been confirmed that it is lupin is the 1 telling harry about dracos mission bc of where they show him sitting down with harry and it is his voice speaking..which i must say is quite sad..|=^/

    but all-n-all HBP=BEST HP MOVIE SO FAR!!!!!

    this is gonna knock twilight of the charts!!..4sho }X^D

  5. it’s funny how no one warned me how good that was actually going to be…i knew it would be great!!!! but WOW!!! i’m so exited!!! Tom looks great by the way!!!!!

  6. OMG isaw this Harry Potter poster in some random theater yesterday, I was spazing out THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (still spazing out 🙂 )

  7. oh SNAAAAAAP!!! XD i cannot wait for this fraking movie. and Draco! poor baby looked so scared and conflicted! >< it’s gonna be ok Draco!

  8. wow.. thats amazing! 😀 i love Tom! he’s amazing 🙂 just like the thirld theatre trailer, there is alot of Tom & i like this TV trailer for that XD …

  9. OMD!! THATS AMAZING!!!!! I cannot wait till this movie! He looks ahmmaazinn! As usual! Haha!! 😀


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