Tom Felton’s new album, “In Good Hands” Available for Purchase!

Tom Felton’s new album, “In Good Hands,” is here and available for purchase.

The new album is now available in the following places:

Are we missing any? Let us know!

134 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s new album, “In Good Hands” Available for Purchase!

  1. Hello ..

    my name is Danielly and I’m from Brazil …

    I would say you were brilliant in the film, you are a great actor I love you and wish you all the best in your life and career!

    kisses … i love you!

  2. hey! love your songs you are such a great actor and i hope you will be in more awesome movies like harry potter and i am so excited to see the harry p dh7 and 8 lol well anyway love your acting and your songs hope you right more sings from a fan jodie f.
    toronto, canada !!!

  3. My name is maraina and I know this sounds really like… messed in the head, but I’ve been in love with you for 3 years. Really weird, I know. I’ve never met you, but I hope to. I dont feel this way because you’re a celebrity, I feel this way because what I’ve learned about you via online.

    haha I’m SUCH a creeper =[

  4. Hey Tom cool music totally love it which is kinda weird for me oh and love draco malfoy you play a wicked baddie excuse the pun.i was so gutted when i didnt get to meet you when u came too milton keynes so i was just wondering if and when you would be most likely to come back as i would really like to get a pic and autograph with you if thats cool lolz.

    from sasha

    • I LOVE YOU TOM!!!!
      you cant see the walls in my bedroom because they are covered in posters of the HOTTEST guy in the world – YOU!!!!!
      also, any chance of you coming to Brisbane, QLD, Australia? That would be GREAT!!!
      and it would mean the world to me if you added me on facebook!
      also can i have ur autograph?
      i know youve heard this before but you were so damn hot as Draco Malfoy <3 i bought the whole movie set just so i could watch you on screen 🙂
      LOVE YOU!!!!

  5. AWESOME movie… you’re awesome… jajaja… i’m sorry i like to write awesome… no, really you’re great… you’re my favorite actor, also singer…i love your songs, lyrics, voice… EVERYTHING!!! So i guess you’re going to write more songs, aren’t you?
    I hope everything is fine… you’re great… you inspires me!!! (not joking) Im sorry… i know my english sucks!! but i do my best…
    I love the way you act!
    So, see you!!! (hypothetical of course)
    Good Luck in everything!!!

    i never knew you were a MUSICIAN !!!!
    i thought you only acted.
    well i need to hear your music… youtube here i come !!!
    hehehehe another thing to love about you
    your musical soul 😉
    <3 😀 ♥ (:

    • it was in DOLLY mag. here’s the article for you:

      While it was in Emma’s contract that she couldn’t cut her hair till she finished filming, Tom’s finally allowed to get a tan!! Worlds away from a blonde, evil wizard, you can see Tom in RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES on August 4 before he pairs up with Ashley Greene in supernatural spook-fest THE APPARITION. Not only that, but he’s also getting ready to release his own music! “It’s an English, Jack Johnson-esque vibe,” says Tom.

      (this was a couple of years ago in DOLLY)

      ps. I LOVE YOU TOM!! ADD ME ON FB!!

  7. You must get a lot of these a day, but I thought I’d leave one anyway, just to make myself feel special thinking you’ll read it.

    Anyhow, I found out at the beginning of the year that you sang… and sang excellently none the less! I’ve been listening and keeping updated on your music for a while, and I’ve just recently gotten on twitter (tweetxtweet) and started to ‘follow’ you and your music page, so I’m a little more updated now. My heart melts everytime I listen to your songs and I can’t help but sit there and sway to the beat with a huge smile on my face.

    You are fantastic! I wish I could sing that well, singing soprano or alto that is. xD I also wished I could play the guitar but alas, apparantly the piano is all i can play. Even that I play pretty poorly, but that’s alright.

    My name’s Paige and I can’t wait until I get an iTunes card so I can purchase your new CD! I’m so jazzed about it. I’ve ranted enough I think, this isn’t a full length Fanletter. Just an excerpt… 😛

    Oh, one more thing before I stop. Thank you for being so good to your fans with actually reading replies and such, and trying to respond to them as well. I hope everyone understands you’re busy, I know I do. I am busy myself and I don’t have to memorize lines for Harry Potter. xD I appreciate it, and I’m sure other people do too.

    Thank you for making beautiful, beautiful music.

  8. Hi…
    I am writing from India…
    I watched all the Harry Potter movies n have all the DVDs. I just love ur acting. Ur a great actor. U did a great job in all the movies…
    I just feel if I cud have met u in person as I m a great fan of urs…
    I love ur guitar playing too. Even I play guitar too.
    Keep up the good work n always keep us crazy fans happier like u do…
    Good Luck for ur future…

  9. Hi! mmm, i’ve listened only 3 songs, but I like it! I wish u to wright & sing nice songs!!! And if I have some mistakes, sorry) Kazakhstan loves u!!!!
    p.s. You was the best in Hp6, after Alan Rickman of course))
    sorry for mistakes)

  10. Tom,
    You are the absolute best:) I want you to know that those who treasure you will always be with you. I greatly am inspired by you and keep up keeping up cause you deserve nothing less then the very best.

    Love Always,
    Amy Lee

  11. Is there anyplace to get it in CD form? I love your work and my birthday’s coming up so I wanted to see if you had it in CD form…?

  12. i just suddenly cried while listening to you sing for the first time. and not those, sappy single tears… i seriously cried waterfalls.

    i’ve got to admit. the first time i read the HP books, i thought Draco was fat 😐 when my classmates told me the character playing him was hot, i was a bit weirded out. don’t get me wrong and all, i’ve got nothing against fat people!
    anyway, i tried watching HP1 to get st straight, and wow was i wrong. i can’t believe i thought Draco was fat. haha.

    anyway, you played Draco exceptionally well. i was really surprised that a kid like you at that time could act so well! keep up the good work! <–gross. i sounded like an old lady for a second there!

    and, before i end this comment, i'd just like to say that even though HP is about to end, your fans (specifically me) are still going to support you and love you just like they do now.

    thank you ^^

  13. hey, i just recently tried to purchase your album on itunes, and it’s suppoesedly unavailable. :/ i really do hope this gets fixed somehow. i’d really like to hear your music and i’m sure many others would as well.

  14. woooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Tom Felton i havent listened to all of your songs yet but all te ones i have listened to are soooooooooo amazing, your sooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!

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