Change To Lineup Of French HBP Signing

Previously we told you that Tom would be joining Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch at FNAC in Paris for a signing. Bonnie and Evanna will no longer be available to attend so they are being replaced by the Phelps Twins James and Oliver. The event takes place on June 8th and begins at 6pm. Costumes and props will also be on display on the day. The store hopes that they will get to meet at least 200 hundred fans.

Thanks to UHP and snitchseeker for the news!

6 thoughts on “Change To Lineup Of French HBP Signing

  1. Hey great news always wanted to meet the Phelps Twins and Tom this will have to be a dream come true for me Paris here I come

  2. OMG!! I would love to see that. Tom and the twins together :mrgreen:

    But since I don’t live anywhere near Paris (try across the ocean) I won’t be able to go. 😕 😥 😥 😥 🙁

  3. WHY is everything in France? Nothing in the UK at all with all the UK actors… they should to a Europe tour like UK, France, Germany, Netherlands or something at least not only Paris not everyone has money to go to Paris! Would also be nice if they did some USA Promo seeing there are a lot of fans there, it should be for everyone not just Paris. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. do Tom and the phelp twins want to come to my school and explain to my head teacher why i will be absent on june 8th and 9th? 😆 😀

    only joking – all of you amazing french people are amazing and i’ve just had a brainstorm!!! yay!
    this french lady called Dorothée whos been at my school is leaving to go back to france this week… i’ll ask her to go for me and get their Autographs for me! 😆 haha XD

    Tom Rocks, he’s amazingly talented – i’d do (almost) anything to meet him 🙂 :mrgreen:

    jess. xxx

  5. Train booked & Accommodation found Paris here I come 7th June-10th June Oliver James & TOM.

    What more does a girl want?

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