19 thoughts on “New pic of Tom Felton via Twitter

  1. Oh, my! All I can think of right now, is that. With the bushy background and taken in B & W, this photo is simply fabulous! As if it had escaped from a book! Is that you, Jade, who took it? Nice pick!

    With Love,


    • This was actually done a few months ago, during what we now lovingly call the “Hot” photo shoot. It’s done by a professional photographer, and I believe it was taken at Tom’s house.

      The most important thing to note, however, is that this is when Tom had longer hair – it’s a bit shorter now!

  2. Is this a leaked one from the Drama shoot?

    If not I guess this is Jade’s Handi work. You’re in the wrong career huni the pictures gorgeous

  3. he’s definitely got some great hair. does anyone know what kind of shampoo he’s using? :p just curious.

    great photo .. anyone know what lens was used to shot it? it was definitely a dslr, seeing the dof and bokeh in the background.

  4. wow, this picture is simply amazing! the simplicity and natural feel of it is lovely! <3

    I love Toms hair at the moment, and I hope jade knows what a lucky lady she is! I think many girls would give anything to be in her position 🙂

    all my love,

    Jess <3

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