Tom Felton Twits about landing a new role

For those of you following Tom’s Twitter account, he has just announced that he has landed a  role he had previously auditioned for.

Good afternoon all!  Have some good news to share! Got the part I was going for 🙂 now I have to get my Welsh accent perfected! you all ok?x

Not sure how much more I can say about it, but I’m a surfer and I’m Welsh! When I can say more, you will all be the first I tell!!!x

Congratulations, Tom! To answer your question, we’re doing fine knowing you have achieved another success. 🙂 Good job!

As more news becomes available about this role or any others, will keep you up to date. 

Congratulations, Tom!

13 thoughts on “Tom Felton Twits about landing a new role

  1. :mrgreen: well done tom!!! congrats 🙂 LOL i could just imagine yoou being a cool surfer dude with a welsh accent!! 8) look forward to seeing you in it!!
    your gonna be amaze (as usual :D) love xoxoxoxo

  2. Congratulations Tom Good Luck too.

    Will be very interested in you speaking with a welsh Accent so many variations.

    Hope you will be filming at Rest Bay you will love it and Timber would

    Love Tina XXX

  3. :mrgreen: So happy for him, tom deserves to have success in everything he does… cant wait to find out more about this role but it sounds great so far… everything Tom does is pretty awesome!!

  4. YES, YOU CAN! congrats! you could perfect your welsh accent by watching “torchwood”-if its still running in the uk. i`m looking forwards to hearing your new accent! i love accents! 😆

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