Tom Felton’s movie, “The Disappeared” is sold during Cannes

According to this site, Tom’s film, “The Disappeared,” has been picked up during Cannes.

It has also sold Johnny Kevorkian’s supernatural thriller The Disappeared, starring Harry Treadaway, has sold to Benelux (Moonlight) and Germany (Savoy). It follows a man who tries to put his life back together after the disappearance of his younger brother but the past keeps coming back to haunt him. The cast also includes Tom Felton.

We will get you more information as soon as it is available!

4 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s movie, “The Disappeared” is sold during Cannes

  1. Well I’m very pleased for Tom, even though I’m unlikely to see the movie as it appears to be scary and I cannot sit through those type of movies.

  2. Does that says BENELUX oh my god oh my god oh my god so hapy to live in BElgium lalalalala i am going crazy here i wonder how long it will take before i can go see it lol : ) XX

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