Tom Felton to star in new European road trip / buddy movie called “In Between The Waves”

According to the Eye-Cue Pictures Web site, Tom Felton has signed on as “Luke” in a new film called “In Between The Waves,” described on the site as a “European road trip and buddy movie.”

Also starring in the movie is Ed Speelers as Guy (who played Eragon in the movie Eragon) and Maria Valverde as Carli (who played Melissa P. in Melissa P.). has more information about this movie coming soon, so please stay tuned! 🙂

Here is the summary, from the Eye-Cue Pictures Web site:

After winning their first foreign surf heat in France a massive, accidental explosion propels best of friends Guy and Luke on a wild escape journey. Chance encounters and surprises around every corner they hit the road down Europe’s Atlantic coast with their new mysterious companion Spanish beauty Charlie. But all is not what it seems and Guy and Luke are pulled in different directions by Charlie who gradually lures them onto a new path, to a magical coastal region in Morocco.

Here is the film synopsis, which contains spoilers. So, highlight the text below if you want to read more!

After losing the surf competition to the French at home in Wales best-of-friends Guy and Luke, both 22, travel to the French Atlantic coast for their first overseas competition. They must get their revenge on Claude the three times French champion. The two friends embark on a road trip in their ‘converted’ camper van.

Soon life on the road, with a first party night on the ferry to France, surprises and new experiences around every corner, is better than they could imagine. Eventually they reach Hosegoer and win their heat. They also meet Carli a beautiful mysterious girl who they both instantly fall for. Carli, however, happens to also be Claude’s girlfriend.

The first night at the competition there is a crazy party and everyone gets high. Carli is in the middle of it along with some weird Russians who always seem to be angry. The French trash Guy and Luke’s van so in revenge the friends put fireworks in the French surfers van and retreat to a safe distance. The van catches fire leading to gas tanks exploding and a large part of the campsite blow up.

They escape before the local police arrive but they have been caught on CCTV. Down the road Carli appears from her hiding place in the van. She has come along for the ride.

The local police man Inspector Piccoli is on their case. He used to be a surfer but now he is more worried about what his boss says and keeping his wife happy. He is looking to have one more big case and then take early retirement.

Guy and Luke agree that they are to head down the surfer’s path until the money runs out. Both Guy and Luke try to woo Carli but this time Carli doesn’t go for the one with the looks. She enjoys flirting with Luke, who becomes more and into her while Guy is more skeptical about her. They cross into Spain and stumble into some big fiestas.

Luke gets close to Carli and opens up to her. Guy is the main attraction at the fiesta winning a competition where his surfing skills come in very handy. Guy wants to find the Perfect Wave but Carli has other ideas. The van breaks down and they end up at a cave house where their host, Centaur, not only does strange things to their van but puts strange things in their food. Carli is leading them on her own path. They go in land and feast at an empty posh Villa.

Inspector Piccoli is on their tail having his own adventure on the road. He is determined to catch the boys. He encounters the Russians from the campsite in France and has his own battle. Carli persuades Guy and Luke to go to Morocco. They cross to Gibraltar and then the Russians appear and they just manage to escape.

What’s Carli’s secret? What is she really up to?

And what lies ahead for Guy and Luke as they cross to a new exotic continent?

20 thoughts on “Tom Felton to star in new European road trip / buddy movie called “In Between The Waves”

  1. Hey! Ed Speelers has nothing on Tom! But I think we are all biased here, right? 😛

    Sound good tho. I look forward to it.

  2. Sounds like an interesting character for Tom to play and even a little love interest too!! I would definitely watch it!!♥

  3. I’m so excited about this movie… 😀

    Thank you very much misha for the information! 😉

  4. yes, now i`ve got another reason to go to cinema again-and it`s NO horror movie, this time!!!!!I´m really looking forwards to seeing it, but where was the guitar? didnt tom say, his character was playin the guitar???? 😆

  5. hay
    I like the way Tom Felton does his work

    I am very content about the caracter Draco Malfoy

    I have a lot of respect for that

    Many success with your great album Tom
    you rule


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  7. *passes out* yeesh did tom get HOT ^^; i’ve had HUGE crush on him since the beginning of harry potter… who says that being a foul loathsome evil little roach is a bad thing… it’s drop wonderful. haha draco’s ten times hotter than harry XD *GO SLYTHERIN!* can’t wait to see this new movie. tom’s gonna be great. (are these deviantart smilies?)

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